Amadeus – Business Traveler Journey : A nifty travel booking solution for Companies in the Middle East & Africa region

Published on 30 Jul '19

  • Amadeus is a leading technology company in the travel industry. As part of their extensive portfolio of IT solutions for travel players, they launched a business travel solution tailored and perfected for the Middle East and Africa region. 
  • Changing how the world travels, is Amadeus mission statement. So offering an online booking tool for companies to manage business travel, including the specifics of our region made perfect sense. 
  • The solution is called Amadeus Online Corporate Traveller. It is basically an online travel booking portal dedicated to business travels. It is accessible on desktop and mobile, that acts as an online self-booking tool) and also offers an expense management module.

Delphine Delebarre, Amadeus Marketing Manager for Middle East and Africa:

“We were looking for a digital marketing agency to build an impactful campaign to raise awareness about our corporate travel online solution and encourage our target audience (corporations in the Middle East) to request a free demo. When I met KRDS, I liked their humble but professional approach and the fact they already had expertise with other travel players. Our collaboration was seamless, fully transparent and based on regular communication. They are professionals and we really benefited from their expertise.”

KRDS Middle East and Amadeus join hands for an interactive online activation tailor-made for the Middle East and Africa region to make business travel booking niftier. Amadeus is a leading technology company that is a powerhouse for making travel simpler. It is a key player in the technology sector. Amadeus help connect over 1.6 billion people a year to local travel providers in over 190 countries.

So when Amadeus launched Amadeus Online Corporate Traveller, they worked in collaboration with KRDS Middle East to promote the tool across the Middle East and Africa.

The campaign was meant to create an appetite, a sense of awareness and not just to create leads, which ultimately ended up happening thanks to a tool that acts as a holistic approach upheld by a Facebook & LinkedIn campaign to manage and redefine business travel in the region, and showcase added values of Amadeus Online Corporate Traveller for businesses, such as control business travel costs, facilitated multi level approval process, and quick implementation as per companies travel policies. 

KRDS, conceptualized a tailor-made content approach and an ad strategy staying in line with Amadeus needs, hence a globalized content video came to light from KRDS to seek as well as enable awareness for the right target audience. Apart from the global video, 4 other shorter videos were produced by KRDS for a specific target segment and the approach was to create a unique experience. The Self-Booking system (Amadeus Online Corporate Traveller) was not only for the business travelers across the region but also suited for the Procurement and IT departments.

Below is a message from the General Manager of KRDS Middle East, Mr. Leonard Guillermin-Hazan who shares his thoughts on the campaign that ran for 1 month under his supervision:

“Amadeus has been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to travel technology. We’re pleased to have joined with such a name like Amadeus to uphold one of their newest tools. We at KRDS trust our social media capability and mobile-first approach will benefit the company reach many new consumers and lead to more business conversions.”

Have a look at how Amadeus Online Corporate Traveller works.