11,000 Bots on Messenger and Counting

Published on 14 Jul '16

In a blog post made on July 1, Facebook confirmed that over 11,000 Bots were now live on Messenger. Since the launch of Facebook Messenger Bots, there has been an increasing number of businesses worldwide jumping on the bandwagon to provide a unique and more efficient solution to their interaction with users.
Facebook reported that an estimated 23,000 and more developers are now signed up to use Wit.ai an application that provides tools for businesses to create their own conversational user interfaces.
However, this does not come without criticism from sceptical users. Critics argue that a bot does not add value to a conversation and often is incapable of understanding complex human interaction. Many developers still stand their ground foreseeing the future of technology and business resting on the use of chat bots on Messenger.
With Facebook’s latest updates to the user interface, many important issues have been addressed, such as a comprehensive menu of options that enables users to get a bigger picture of the bot and set expectations for what it can do. Another important addition is the ratings and review update that helps the community of users come together to share their experience and feedback about the bot.
The addition of this ratings and review update comes with a burden for developers to ensure the bot does exactly what it promises to deliver. This opens a window for healthy competition amongst businesses to acquire a higher rating than their competitors. The new update also includes an option to Mute a bot similar to how users may block their friends. This update arguably changes the Messenger Bot landscape which previously lacked the openness for feedback.
As the number of submissions for the Messenger Bot increase by each passing day, the interest in conversational user interfaces does not seem to be dying down any time soon.
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