Top 5 Messenger Bot Updates and its Impact on Bot Strategy

Published on 05 Jul '16

On 1st July, Facebook rolled out several new updates for the Messenger Bot. Here is a review of the top 5 new features and how it can impact your Bot strategy.

Dynamic Buttons for Quick Replies

To introduce a more direct conversation with users, ten dynamic buttons can now be accessed from the bot that are related to the most recent messages in the conversation. Instead of sourcing button selections from previous conversations, the dynamic buttons help set the conversation flow and only displays the selected user responses on the bot. This makes the chat look cleaner and provides a more human like interaction.

A New Menu Interface

In the earlier bot version, menu buttons on the bot were accessed by providing specific text commands such as ‘On Sale’ or ‘Go Shopping’. However, with the latest update we see an introduction of an icon placed on the message composer that enables users to choose from different options. This eliminates the earlier problem of starting the conversation process all over again if you were to select a second option. This saves time from the user’s point of view and makes the interaction more efficient.

The Inclusion of GIFs, Audio, Video and Files

Another important update is the inclusion of GIFS, Audio, Video and Files. You can now send a variety of content using the Messenger Bot. This opens the door for businesses to provide complex information to the user without being redirected to another channel to view the content.  Airline companies for example can make use of this update to send the user’s tickets directly on the Messenger chat. Businesses can also provide a more human like interaction by the use of GIF’s and videos that can be played directly on the Messenger.

Account Linking

Perhaps the most important update of them all is one that changes the dynamics of the Messenger Bot with its ability to sync customer accounts with messenger. Users can log in to their customer accounts on the brand’s website directly through Messenger to make payments or browse order information. This is an important update that encourages more businesses to consider the idea of investing in a Bot for Messenger owing to its ease of use for customers.

Ratings and Reviews

Users can now rate Messenger Bots and provide feedback on their experience directly on Messenger. This is an interesting new feature that will help set a new expectation for businesses to push for a better strategy and acquire higher ratings as compared to their competitors.

The new update also brings a potentially unpleasant feature for businesses in the form of an option to mute a Bot conversation similar to how they may mute their friends on Facebook. This provides a challenging opportunity for businesses to opt for a sound strategy that provides a favourable conversation experience to ensure the Bot is not silenced by the user.

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(Image source: Facebook)