Wechat CRM: Why brands must connect their online marketing and customer experiences with Wechat in China?

Published on 24 Feb '16

WeChat is one of the most valuable social platforms in China and is giving brands the possibility to connect any web-based mobile site with WeChat (Brand website, campaigns mini-sites, e-commerce online shops).

This is a unique opportunity for brands to enrich their CRM with WeChat users data and behavioral information.

Today, we answers brands’ key questions to show how they can leverage WeChat-connected websites from a CRM perspective.

1. Which data/information can brands collect from WeChat users with a WeChat-connected website ?

  • WeChat ID
  • User Name or nickname
  • Profile Picture
  • Gender
  • City
  • Behavioral information by tracking actions (examples: page visited, purchases done) on the website

2. How can brands reconcile those WeChat data with their current CRM Data ?

WeChat does not share email/phone information from users, so it makes it difficult to automatically link a WeChat ID with existing CRM data. So how should a brand proceed ?

  • Build and allow your CRM to create entries/profiles based on WeChat ID (not only email with are not so popular in China).
  • Create and launch WeChat reconciliation-oriented campaigns by asking WeChat users to share existing CRM data (Email, customer ID, mobile phone number)
  • Get also those information from WeChat discussions with customers and add them in your CRM
  • Collect and add WeChat information of current clients in your CRM by providing them incentives  to follow and engage with your brand on WeChat

3.How brands can use/activate those data ?

WeChat gives the opportunity to brands to group their WeChat followers in different groups and send targeted message to those specific groups.

  • Group WeChat users based on existing or relevant CRM categories
  • Send customized message to each WeChat group based on users interests/categories and marketing/sales objectives

Feel free to get in touch if you want to know more on how you can get the best out of WeChat from a CRM perspective.

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