A Digital Platform for the ‘Oleh Oleh’ Challenge in Indonesia

Published on 03 May '17

With the launch of the annual competition ‘Oleh Oleh’ organised by Blue Band (Unilever) held in Indonesia, the organizers wanted to promote and engage bakers to participate in an immersive challenge that catered purely to Indonesian pastries. Thus, KRDS Singapore created a digital platform that worked through networks and offline as well.

With the challenge being to encourage the audience to vote for their favourite bakers, the ‘ready-to-share’ platform developed by KRDS Singapore, gave bakers the much needed digital exposure by creating customized communication kits that could be accessed both on their networks and offline.

The campaign was a roaring success and brought over 4,06,000 visitors to the website, with 3701 bakers registered earning a total of 1,24,000 votes.