Digital Marketing Strategies for a Favourable Brand Impression

Published on 12 May '16

A study conducted by Mondo revealed that 72 percent of marketers worldwide believe that a traditional marketing model is no longer effective due to the shift of users to the digital landscape.

Therefore, it is no surprise that that best marketing strategies always involve a plan for digital activation. Another important aspect of brands that are successful in the digital sphere is their ability to execute a strategy that ultimately attracts numerous loyal fans to the brand.

While some brands make themselves known through promotions, sales, contests and giveaways these are only one aspect of strengthening your brand’s reputation amongst your audience.

Let’s go through 3 important digital marketing strategies to create a favourable brand impression.

1. Speak to your Target Audience

While this step seems like a given, many brands often broadcast their messages to the wrong audience wasting their resources and are met with lower conversions. It is important to pinpoint the exact audience that your brand caters to like their demographics, age, gender, location and consumption pattern also including their personal likes and dislikes.

The more you understand your audience, the more relatable you become as a brand. A good example of this is to keep a tab on the pop culture references if your audience is also interested in these topics and post content on these topics that will prompt your audience to develop a liking for your brand.

 2. Personalize your Content

Creating original content is key. Your content should not only focus on speaking to your audience in a relatable manner but should also prompt the readers to think about it later. This means each piece of content must tell a personalized brand story.

 3. Growth Hacking to Measure your Results

Brands are often unsuccessful in spite of putting out the most elaborate and creative content on their social media. The reason for this is that that they do not emphasise on the greater rule of trial and error and data analysis. Each aspect including creativity in digital marketing must be measured. We at KRDS heavily rely on Growth Hacking which essentially means all your decisions including content must be driven by real data. You can understand your data better by analysing it in a deeper manner to gain actionable insights. Eg: Which posts create larger conversion rates? Which links are more successful in bringing traffic to the website? etc.

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