Growth Hacking and its Importance in Digital Marketing

Published on 09 May '16

According to a study by the Harvard Business Review: Marketers depend on data for just 11% of all customer-related decisions.

When asked about how marketers use the information, more than half of the respondents relied on previous experience or intuition about customers to make decisions.

This essentially means many Digital Marketers are flunking the big data test. For those who understand how powerful these insights can be, are aware of the value that these actionable insights hold. Brands are often unsuccessful in spite of putting out the most elaborate and creative content on their social media as they often neglect the feedback they receive on this decision.

We at KRDS often use the term Growth Hacking to describe the best possible implementation of these actionable insights to push the brand further. Each piece of content and strategy must be driven by real data. Analyzing  this data can help the brand achieve a growth hack that can give them leverage over their competitors to refine and personalize their strategy based on their target audience. This has often helped brands achieve a favourable brand impression among its users.

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