Facebook Bot and its Relevance in Digital Marketing Leads

Published on 05 May '16

If you possess a larger understanding of the social media landscape you would know that chat bots are hardly a revolutionary phenomenon and have been here for a long time.

However, news on messenger bots have been splashed across all news outlets recently after Facebook announced the arrival of Messenger bots at the annual F8 conference. This development comes with many advantages for industries to enhance their communication with their consumers and process swifter outcomes from these interactions.

Another aspect of this bot development is that agencies now have the opportunity to showcase their company and generate swifter leads and conversion by having a direct conversation with potential clients. With the social network now transforming, brands and agencies see their client interactions in a new light.

The earlier challenges comprised lower conversion rates through Facebook owing to longer waiting periods where users are often redirected to other channels like the website or a contact us page. This completely changes with the Facebook development that enables users to effectively communicate with companies using this integrated platform. Last week, Taco Bell became one of the few F&B chains to develop and launch an extensive Slack Bot for its users.

The world is gearing up and accepting Conversational User Interfaces that provide intelligent human conversations through machine technology. Creative agencies are constantly revamping themselves to understand the end user better and get any available insights into their thought process. A personalized Bot for an agency delivers a consistent tone of voice for all its interactions with the potential client which arises the opportunity of injecting its creative personality to the bot.

This eliminates the time and effort taken for clients to survey the market for potential creative partners as they gather the required information and understand the persona of an agency, immediately. This means each developer must meticulously craft its interactions with users and leaves an exciting opportunity for companies to generate more leads in this regard.

We at KRDS too, have something exciting brewing in our agency so stay tuned for the announcement!