Singapore Kindness Movement Launches Its New Content Platform with KRDS Singapore

Published on 05 May '16

The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM), a non-profit organization whose public education programs are aimed at inspiring graciousness one kind act at a time, has launched a content platform together with Strategic Public Relations Group (SPRG). Titled ‘The Pride’ (, the platform covers current, trending news and provides deeper insight on local and global issues that are important to the community as well as meaningful pieces of food for thought. KRDS Singapore assisted with the development of the content platform and was roped in since February 2016.

The development of ‘The Pride’ came after SKM along with SPRG and KRDS Singapore, posted a first-of-its-kind double-sided video, where users could view everyday situations in a kindness-filled world and view the situation in a world full of hate and cruelty, on its Facebook page last year. The link to the post can be found here: here The dual experience video garnered media attention and made users aware that small acts of kindness can go a long way in creating a ripple effect to change the world.

Apart from creating a brand new content platform, SPRG and KRDS Singapore will assist the organization by doing ‘growth hacking’ and handling content syndication on multiple specialised platforms. Multiple testing activities and performing detailed data analysis have also already begun for ‘The Pride’.

SPRG and KRDS Singapore aim to continue lending their expertise to enhance and support SKM’s efforts in executing public educations programs to cultivate kindness in Singapore.