HBO Asia Launches Facebook Quiz For Westworld with KRDS Singapore

Published on 14 Nov '16

Premier programming service HBO Asia wanted to launch and promote its HBO original series Westworld on Facebook. Westworld is a science fiction thriller which premiered Oct 3.

Thus, HBO Asia roped in Social & Mobile Agency KRDS Singapore to develop a fun platform to create awareness about the show on Facebook. The appointment comes after KRDS Singapore was tasked with developing a campaign on Facebook to promote the HBO original series Halfworlds back in 2015.

In the world of Westworld, it’s never easy to distinguish guests from hosts. So, the Westworld campaign on social was built as a guessing game based on differentiating Hosts (life-like robots) from Guests (humans). The series follows the concept of the TV shows where fantasy and reality come together in one world.

Users click on one of the two options based on their intuition alone to determine which character is a robot or human. The game thus provides an overview of the show, the cast and characters in the series and the concept of the fantasy and reality coming as one in Westworld.  At the end of the game, the score is revealed with a showcase of the series trailer. The campaign has been adapted on to HBO’s Weibo and WeChat accounts to build excitement amongst users in China.

The Application can be accessed on Westworld’s Facebook page here.

KRDS Singapore aims to continue lending their digital expertise to promote HBO’s original series Westworld on Facebook.