KRDS Singapore chosen as the Social Media Agency for Kirin Ichiban and Erdinger

Published on 20 Apr '18

KRDS Singapore has added another feather to its cap by being appointed as the Social Media Agency for reputed beer brands, Kirin Ichiban and Erdinger.

The brands Kirin Ichiban and Erdinger are no strangers to the community of beer lovers. Kirin Ichiban is famously known for being the only brand serving first-press beer. And Erdinger Wiessbrau holds the the world’s largest beer brewery where tradition and taste go hand in hand.

The beer brands wanted to explore innovative content and scale new heights on social media since majority of their target audience are active online. To help increase market penetratwidth: 34%;height: auto;ion, KRDS Singapore will be creating awareness about the brands and its rich heritage through engaging and relevant content.

The agency will be crafting content separately for Facebook and Instagram to deliver the best results for both the brands. The content will play around the core themes of craftsmanship and culture.

Preetham Venkky, Director of Asia at KRDS, said:

“We are delighted to partner with Kirin Ichiban and Erdinger. The two brands have been an embodiment of quality and heritage and we’re pleased to be a part of their journey. With our combined years of expertise on social, mobile and digital, we’re quite excited to bring our creative force and help the brands achieve their fullest potential online.”

Eunice Lok, Brand Manager at Erdinger and Kirin Ichiban, said:

“The reason we chose to work with KRDS is because of the relevance of social media insights and expertise they can bring to the table to help us drive strategic awareness and penetration among our targeted audience”