Win A Set Of Miniature Perfumes With Guerlain’s New Interactive Game

Published on 23 Jul '18

From the 6th to the 12th of July, KRDS and Guerlain have partnered to create an unforgettable experience to their followers. The new campaign features H5 technology and a WeChat post.

Every spring, Guerlain delights its loyal customers with a renewed collection of perfumes. From the vibrant Bergamote Calabria to the invigorating passiflora fragrance, each product pays homage to the wonders of nature and beautiful raw materials.

With the support of its studio, KRDS wanted to raise customer awareness for their new fragrance line “Aqua Allegoria” while staying true to the spirit of the French Perfume House.
To achieve this, KRDS designed a customized game for Guerlain, using the latest H5 technology on WeChat. The concept is simple: the players can place droplets of water on a golden board in order to create chain reactions that causes the bubbles to burst. Every round, the players have a limited amount of drops to place.

The game is incredibly addictive (more than 11 minutes of average time spent on the game) and also allows the players to win daily gifts if you are one of the top-five players of the Leaderboard or one of the five lucky players randomly picked from the daily player list. You can play the game here on WeChat.

Aurélien Ferrié, General Manager of KRDS added “WeChat Mini-Game is a great way to convey the brand message in a dynamic and fun environment. We are glad to see the success of this gamification for Guerlain on WeChat!”

Along with the game, the campaign also features a WeChat post that promotes the new fragrances and the game. The post was designed and successfully published by 3 different Duty Free Shop WeChat accounts: Sunrise Duty Free Beijing, Sunrise Duty Free Shanghai and CDF Hainan.

Eventually, this mix allows Guerlain to create strong incentives and a powerful re-sharing mechanism to engage its community around the theme of Aqua Allegoria and the new product line.

So, are you more Passiflora or Mandarine Basilic? Discover the new collection or play the game here!