Monday Morning Learning – 16 March 2020

Published on 17 Mar '20

TikTok Tests New Options to Add External URLs to Clips & Comment Downvoting

Last October, TikTok began testing a new option which enabled selected users to add Wikipedia links to their clips in order to provide more context on certain elements. Now TikTok appears to be expanding that option – user Sam Schmir has provided these screenshots of a new set of options in the ‘Add Link’ prompt which would enable creators to attach a link to Wikipedia, Yelp or TripAdvisor in their video post.

YouTube Switches ‘Trending’ Tab to ‘Explore’ Which Will Highlight More Content Categories

YouTube is replacing the ‘Trending’ tab in its app with a new ‘Explore’ listing, which will showcase more video categories, along with popular videos, in order to prompt broader discovery.

Instagram Bans Searches for COVID-19 AR Effects, Adds New Information Prompts in Home Feeds

After adding new information prompts and links to official resources in related search queries last week, Instagram is now expanding on its COVID-19 response tools, with additional information panels in the main feed and a ban on searches for coronavirus related AR masks.

TikTok Continues to Gain Momentum, But Challenges Remain in Maximizing the App’s Growth

TikTok was the most downloaded non-game app worldwide last month, outperforming both WhatsApp and Facebook. TikTok installs are up 96% year-over-year, with the COVID-19 outbreak seemingly fueling increased adoption as people look to keep themselves entertained while reducing their time spent in public.

Snapchat Launches ‘Lens Web Builder’ to Simplify the Creation of AR Lens Campaigns

With Snapchat’s AR Lens ads driving significant engagement and interaction in the app, the platform is now looking to open up the option to more brands, with a simplified AR Lens campaign option that enables businesses to build custom Lenses based on pre-made templates and/or Snap’s library of 3D objects.

Facebook Stories Tests Cross-Posting to Instagram

Facebook is testing the option to cross-post Stories to Instagram, instead of just vice-versa. Hopefully, that means the two apps will finally sync up the “already viewed” status of cross-posted Stories so we don’t have to watch reruns any more.