Monday Morning Learning – 20 July 2020

Published on 21 Jul '20

Facebook Rolls Out New Image Presentation Options to More Users

The new options appear at the bottom of the post composer, giving you four different image display formats to choose from. Users in different regions are now reporting access to the option, so it seems that it is on the way to all, sometime soon. That will provide new considerations for your Facebook posts, which could help to make your updates stand out in feeds. This is currently only applicable for users and not for brand pages.

Facebook Rolls Out Screen-Sharing in the Messenger App

Facebook is expanding its screen-sharing options in Messenger to both Messenger Rooms and the mobile app, providing another way to engage within Messenger video calls.

Google Adds New Ad Tools, Including Updated Visual Options and Prompts for Search Ads

Google’s launching a new beta program for image extensions, which will enable advertisers to include product visuals in search ads.

Google’s also adding new highlight markers for limited time offers, shipping capacity, and product availability in search ads, while Google’s also now testing new, dynamic carousel displays of your most relevant products in Display ads.

Nat Geo transports Instagram users to Mt Everest via AR

National Geographic aims to engage Instagram users with its July issue that features details from the Mt. Everest expedition co-sponsored last year to install high-altitude weather stations.

National Geographic is letting Instagram users immerse themselves in an expedition to the top of the world’s tallest mountain with an augmented reality (AR) experience. Users of the photo-sharing app can virtually dress as climbers and travel up Mt. Everest.

Users can see a 360-degree view by moving around their smartphones or swiping the screen. Viewers can see their breath by opening their mouths, and tap on a yellow dot to see a map of Mt. Everest that shows other areas to explore.

Alt TikTok Has Migrated To Byte After The Trump Administration’s Announcement And Is Taking Over

The very best part of TikTok is looking for greener pastures now that the Trump administration has set its sights on the China-based app.

In the last few days, Byte has been taken over by “alt TikTok,” a section of the app known for absurdist humor, as well as gay TikTok, which is more self-explanatory.

If you’re not familiar with Byte, no one can blame you. The app was launched in January by Dom Hofmann, co-creator of the much-beloved and much-missed Vine. Like Vine, or TikTok, it’s an app for sharing short, looping videos, but it hasn’t caught on with anywhere near the same intensity as TikTok has. But that may be about to change.

Twitter updates: Twitter Rolls Out New Direct Message Overlay to All Desktop Users

Twitter has now officially launched its new direct message chat window on desktop, which enables users to engage with their messages without having to leave their main tweet feed.

Twitter Officially Launches New ‘Retweets with Comments’

From now on, your retweet count will include both basic retweets AND retweets with comments, and you’ll also be able to see which is which in a new listing within the tweet detail.

130 Twitter Accounts Impacted, Personal Information Compromised

The affected accounts included Barack Obama, Apple, Jeff Bezos, and Kim Kardashian. On Friday, NYT published details that it had gleaned from a group of hackers who’ve claimed responsibility for the hack. NYT was able to verify their explanations by matching their Bitcoin accounts with the address listed in the tweets. According to the report, a hacker going by the name of ‘Kirk’ was able to gain access to Twitter’s administration tools by first being added to Twitter’s internal Slack channel, where the details he needed had been posted in various exchanges.