Monday Morning Learning – 13 July 2020

Published on 14 Jul '20

Instagram Provides New Options to Manage How IGTV Previews Appear in the Main Feed and Discover

Instagram has added some new tools to help IGTV creators manage how their content appears when it’s listed in the main feed, and within the Discover tab. There are now more options to control how your IGTV video previews are displayed, with ‘profile cover’ relating to the thumbnail shown in Discover feeds.

Instagram Gives All Users the Option to Pin Post Comments

The platform has today confirmed that all users can now pin up to three comments within their post-interaction streams. Things to highlight:

The option is designed to encourage more civil discussion by “highlighting positive comments”

It could also be a great way to amplify common questions and answers. If someone asks a good question about your product, you could pin it, then reply, helping profile visitors get more context.

WhatsApp Adds QR Codes for Businesses

You can now open directly a conversation through QR Codes

Instagram Is on Pace to Overtake Twitter as a News Source

Younger users in particular are much more likely to turn to Instagram for news. In the US specifically, 12% of adults overall used Instagram for coronavirus-related news in April, but more than double (26%) of those aged 18-24 used it for that purpose.

While the text is still the most popular mode of digital news consumption, younger audiences are more likely than older generations to prefer visual storytelling formats for their news.

Google Adds New Predicted Audience Action Tools into Google Analytics

Analytics will now suggest new predictive audiences that you can create in the Audience Builder. For example, using Purchase Probability, we will suggest the audience “Likely 7-day purchasers” which includes users who are most likely to purchase in the next seven days.