Monday Morning Learning – 24 February 2020

Published on 25 Feb '20

Facebook Launches New Creator Studio Mobile App

This week, Facebook launched a new mobile version of its Creator Studio tool, with a separate Creator Studio app to help better manage your Facebook Pages OTG. You’ll be able to manage and edit Page posts, view performance analytics and respond to messages – with the added capacity to manage multiple Facebook Pages through the app.


Facebook Tests New Format for Separate Facebook Stories Discovery Page

Facebook has continued its onward march with Facebook Stories by testing out a new format for its separate Stories discovery page, which can be accessed by tapping on the ‘See All Stories’ prompt underneath the main Facebook Stories bar.


Twitter Suspends a ‘Large Network’ of Fake Accounts Used to Match Phone Numbers to Users

Security researcher Ibrahim Balic found that a bug in Twitter’s Android app let him submit millions of phone numbers through an official API, which returned any associated user account.

The feature is intended to let friends look up your Twitter handle through your number, but obviously submitting millions of numbers goes “beyond its intended use case”.


Facebook Tests Easier Access to Chronological News Feed and Other Feed 

The test provides three different variations of the News Feed in separate tabs, which would be accessible along the top of the feed list.

The three versions are:

  • Most Relevant – Which is the current, default algorithm-defined feed view.
  • Most Recent – Which would enable you to see the latest posts from the people and Pages you follow in reverse chronological order.
  • Already Seen – Which would enable you to go back over the posts you’re already viewed, which could be handy for finding that thing you saw a while back.


Facebook Testing New Color Highlighting for Links and Hashtags in Post Text

The tests show links, tags and hashtags to be in Facebook blue colour as opposed to the current black bold. This would help them stand out in the copy and grab the attention of the user.


The Four Vs in Personalisation 

These can be a game-changer by helping create value to the customer by showing them only relevant information and also to the marketer by giving them the best returns on investment and value to the brand through increased brand loyalty.

  • Volume: The volume of customer data for analysis, which is used to develop a personalized experience is huge. 
  • Variety: The variety of data points that are unstructured and can be collected from many sources like social media posts, purchasing patterns, photos, and videos, etc helps create a persona for each customer.
  • Veracity: Thanks to AI algorithms, the data is becoming more reliable. It helps brands derive accurate insights and marketing plans from their strategy.
  • Velocity: The frequency with which brands can generate data and analyze it is critical for the success of personalization.