Monday Morning Learning – 6 April 2020

Published on 07 Apr '20

Google Donates $6.5 Million in Funding to Assist Fact-Checking Organizations in Battling COVID-19 Misinformation

It’s interesting to see how social media has evolved over the years as compared to how the world battled with the previous, almost similar, SARS outbreak. Social media platforms did not have the need to spend such a high amount of money during crises as they must today – all to combat misinformation.


Linkedin Shares Tips on What to Post During nCov 

LinkedIn’s engagement has been increasing for some time, so it’s not surprising to see more people turning to the platform for professional advice. And this week, LinkedIn has provided some tips on how people can make the best use of its platform to better connect and engage with their networks.


Facebook Adds New Tools for ‘Facebook Live’ Amid Rising Demand and Usage

First off, for regular Facebook users, The Social Network is adding automatic closed captions, while it’s also providing a new option for people to listen to the audio of Live broadcasts without viewing the video, enabling those with lower data capacity to tune in.


Facebook Adds New Video Features, Including ‘Series’ and Updates to Bulk Uploader

With more people looking for more content to watch online, Facebook has launched a new set of video features which are designed to help creators build audiences for their video content and promote return viewership:

  • Playlists update
  • Series
  • New videos tab
  • Updates to the bulk uploader


Facebook Announces Full Launch of Messenger Desktop App for macOS and Windows

In light of COVID-19, FB Messenger has rolled out a Messenger on Desktop for both Windows and macOS. They are yet to test full functionalities on MacOS, but from the release, it’s a full Messenger version on desktop. It’s a move from them to help organisations and individuals stay connected with each other.