KRDS Case Study

An immersive experience to increase Awareness of Destinations Serviced from Changi Airport and the Airlines that service those destinations

Changi Airport / Travel Quest


KRDS Scope

  • Art Direction
  • Concept
  • Interactive Design


The challenge was to create an immersive campaign that made users affirm their love for travel while learning about interesting destinations. The ‘Changi Travel Quest’ was created as an interactive quiz using Facebook Canvas that encourages the users to select a destination that is serviced from Changi Airport. The user is then asked to find the destination city on an embedded google map by dragging and dropping a pin on the map and confirming their answer. The user gets attempts to answer this within 1 minute. If the user gets it correct, the user then has to select an airline they feel services that destination from Changi Airport. Some of the destinations also had a bonus question of the popular landmarks image that the user has to guess the name of within 30 seconds.


KRDS Case Study


The entire travel quest experience was created using Facebook Canvas. Users could invite their friends to play the game and increase their chances of winning a real travel experience at the end of the game.

KRDS Case Study


  • 760 000

    Impressions received on the page

  • 78 000


  • 195 000

    Unique users (37% returned to the application)

  • 198 690

    Travel questions answered by users

  • 19 544

    App authorizations to play to travel quest