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KRDS is a leading Social Media Agency in Europe and Asia.

Founded in 2008 in Paris, KRDS became a proud member of Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer program (previously known as the Preferred Developer Consultant program) as soon as it became available in Europe in early 2010. Since then, KRDS has expanded from 10 to 120 employees and has opened 7 new offices throughout Europe and Asia.

Since its creation, KRDS has consistently registered a triple-digit annual growth and in 2011 AXA PE, the leading European private equity firm took an equity stake in the company.


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KRDS with its dedicated team of social media experts, provides consultancy on comprehensive social media strategy with specific focus on Facebook.

Social Media Strategy

Our team of Social Media Experts will help you in answering the following key questions:

  • How social media sites can help you build your brand and enhance CRM?
  • How to voice your brand on different social media channels?
  • How to monitor & measure your social media efforts?

Mobile Applications

KRDS specializes in developing exceptional Social Media Applications that help brands enhance their user experience on the social media platforms.

Ads Management

KRDS pays diligent attention to leverage the best practices for building your brand’s reputation and maximizing its reach on Facebook.

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Media Buying
  • Optimization
  • Insights & Reporting

Social Media Management

KRDS manages your growing community of fans with engaging content strategy to initiate Organic marketing for your brand.

  • Page Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Fan Engagement
  • Insights

Data & Social CRM

KRDS has developed a unique CRM approach to manage fans on Facebook, get to know them and improve the way you manage your Community.

Social Media Strategy

Our team of Social Media Experts will help you in answering the following key questions:

  • In Depth Insights on Fans
  • Fans Management and Qualification
  • Customized Reports

our philosophy



To occupy a user News Feed, Facebook has to choose 100 news stories among 1500, that can be displayed to the user. To occupy a space in the user’s News Feed, it is important to generate genuine, relevant and unique content.

Our vision : We believe that Social Media Marketing is all about narrating a story in the most interesting way. Our aim is to engage users with an interesting experience put together with exciting content and defined strategy.



26 is the number of unique applications used per month per user in 2015. With new applications hitting the platform every minute, it has become more difficult than ever to convince a user to download an app.

Our vision: To succeed on mobile native app market by providing the user a first-class experience, focused on a single function in one these key categories: Games, Services, Content.

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