Published on 07 Feb '22

Shake Shack partnered with DoorDash for a chicken sandwich-themed dating site

DoorDash and Shake Shack are partnering on Eat Cute, a limited-edition dating site themed around the Shack Shacks spicy buffalo chicken sandwich. The site will operate from February 3rd-15th. Customers can visit to create a dating profile, upload a selfie and share how spicy they like their food. Upon matching with a compatible person, the customer will receive a promo code for a free sandwich as part of a qualifying order via DoorDash.

The campaign also includes Twitter sweepstakes giving customers a chance to win a $5,000 DoorDash gift card and content from TikTok influencers Rahul Rai and Courtney Parchman. Along with generating interest in Shake Shack’s new menu item, this campaign could generate valuable first-party data for the marketers.

With the Eat Cute dating site, Shake Shack and DoorDash can engage consumers looking for a quirky dating experience themed around a love for spicy food and the new menu item.


Twitter expands downvote test worldwide

Twitter tested this feature last year, and it is now available to all users worldwide. Unlike Reddit, which has a downvote option, Twitter’s total tallies for upvote and downvote aren’t visible to the public but are used behind the scenes to see what users find offensive or irrelevant. 

They discovered that the downvote tool is more frequently utilised to mark stuff that they don’t want to view. The goal is that these findings will aid Twitter in improving its algorithms so that the best answers are displayed beneath each tweet.

While this tool aids Twitter in determining what types of content are most likely to be flagged by users, it might be abused for hate campaigns or used to “shadowban” replies as a result of downvotes.

While the downvotes aren’t on general tweets, but rather replies, the overall impact is reduced. However, Twitter may decide to use what it learns from the test in its overall tweet ranking algorithm, which might have an influence on all tweets.


Meta Launches Improved 3D Avatars, Expands Avatar Use to Instagram

The method for creating 3D avatars on Facebook has been revised, and these avatars will gradually be available for usage on IG stories and DM as well. Things like 3D, virtual reality, and the opportunity to create and personalise according to your own taste and preferences have been more prominent since Facebook began moving its focus to Meta.


HDB, SCDF add a dash of humour to New York Times ‘Singaporean curry’ furore

Even government organisations are joining in on the debate over The New York Times’ recent video, which depicted the creation of a “Singaporean chicken curry” that viewers said looked nothing like it – or any form of curry for that matter.

Over the last week, social media users have voiced scorn and fury over an Instagram Reel posted on the New York Times’ Food page in which journalist Clarissa Wei prepares a curry that one user described as “drain water.”


Understanding wash trading and how it affects NFT prices

Some people sell their own NFTs over and over again in an attempt to artificially raise their pricing. It has to be seen whether this is a good approach or not, as the gas fees required on each transaction reduce the profit margins from a sale.

According to research, wash trading generated roughly $9 million (which is a drop in the bucket considering $44.2 billion worth of bitcoin was sent to ERC-721 and ERC-1155 contracts in 2021), but it highlights the vulnerabilities of NFTs, which is a setback when it comes to garnering trust. Money laundering through art is not new, but because of the transparency of the blockchain, these trades are plain to see, and any legal/tax investigations conducted against individuals may prevent others in the future.


Snapchat Sees Recovery From Apple’s Ad Tracking Policy, Beating Out Meta In Q1 Profits

Snapchat’s revenue surpassed experts’ estimates, and its stock price soared, demonstrating that, unlike Meta, it has weathered Apple’s Transparency Tracking system, which was adopted last year.

Snapchat was able to weather this storm by leveraging AR, which is appealing to marketers, and shifting advertisers’ attention to mid-funnel goals like instals and link clicks rather than end-funnel goals like conversions.


TikTok tests Twitter-like Repost feature for sharing content

Tiktok is now testing a repost functionality with a restricted group of users, similar to Twitter’s retweet service. The report option can be found on TikTok’s share page, where you can share your favourite videos via messaging apps, emails, and social media, and content can be posted directly to your Tiktok followers’ ‘For you’ feed.

There are, however, some limitations. You won’t be able to find the repost function in ‘Discover’ or via a friend’s share in your Tiktok inbox; it only appears in your ‘For You’ feed. Basically, Tiktok’s algorithm decides what you can boost based on your previous content interactions.

The reason for reposting the article must also be typed out. The message will not appear in the usual comments section, but will instead be hidden behind a “reposted” label that friends can press to learn more about what you wrote.