Published on 14 Jun '22

Instagram Adds New Option to Pin Posts on Your Profile

Joining the Tiktok and Twitter bandwagon, they’ll appear at the top of your Instagram grid, as if you just posted them. After confirming that the feature would be accessible globally in April, they have finally rolled it out. In essence, we presently have this capability. This will allow producers to express themselves more freely in their profiles while also increasing the attraction of your Instagram profile display and content to people that come across your page.

To pin a post, go to a specific photo or Reel and select “Pin to your profile” from the three dots in the top right corner. The post will appear at the top of your profile grid once you’ve done so. You could previously highlight a post in Story and then pin it to your profile, but this new tool streamlines the process.

Users who wish to highlight their favourite posts that may have been buried further down in their photo grid will appreciate the ability to pin a specific post to their profile.


YouTube Takes its Next Steps into Live-Stream Commerce via Beauty Fest 2022

This year’s Beauty Festival allows viewers to shop what they see immediately from the live streams, thanks to YouTube’s experimentation with live stream commerce components over the last year. YouTube is experimenting with promoting more direct purchasing behaviour on the app, which is one of the ways the app is extending the reach and engagement of shopping streams in-app. Given its popularity in China and other Asian countries, live-stream shopping has a lot of promise.

In addition to this feature, YouTube is partnering with Beauty Fest to launch its first-ever Shoppable Shorts Challenge. Every Short created with the brand’s hashtag will have a Shoppable link embedded in it. Shorts has also generated over 30 billion daily views in the app, so the Shoppable feature will appeal to creators more by providing a better income split.


Instagram Update Could Impact Reach For Some Accounts

Instagram’s “Sensitive Content” feature is becoming better. It used to only work on feeds, but now it works on Search, Reels, Accounts You Might Follow, Hashtag Pages, and In-Feed Recommendations as well.

Potential “sensitive content” identified by Instagram is “posts that don’t necessarily break our rules, but could potentially be upsetting to some people.” e.g. content that depicts violence, attempts to sell a product or service based on health-related claims like losing weight etc.

Less, Standard and More are the three levels of sensitivity control.

LinkedIn Adds New Elements to ‘Creator Mode’ Including Audio Events and New Audience Growth Opportunities

First off, on Audio Events – initially launched in beta mode back in January, LinkedIn is now giving all Creator Mode users access to its audio rooms option. Audio events on LinkedIn are similar to Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces in that they allow users to host audio chats within the app.

LinkedIn’s also adding a new option for Creator Mode participants to add a link to the top of their LinkedIn profile so that audiences can learn more about them and their brand.

Finally, LinkedIn will now automatically add a user as a follower if they send a connection request to a user who has Creator Mode turned on.


Mastercard Brings Its Payments Network to Web3 and NFTs

What’s the big deal?

No need to buy crypto first! Buy the NFTs you want on the marketplace of your choice. Mastercard’s expanding adoption of Web3 represents how integrations can make crypto more accessible and help the NFT ecosystem keep growing and becoming more mainstream.


Forever 21, Barbie Launch Summer Collection Available in the Metaverse

Forever 21 collaborated with Mattel’s Barbie to launch the Barbie Summer 2022 Collection, which includes clothing, swimwear, sleepwear, accessories, cosmetics, and Barbie DreamHouse-inspired home decor. The collection will be available in the Forever 21 Shop City on Roblox, as well as online and in shops.

Forever 21 enlisted the help of Virtual Brand Group, a web3 firm, to develop its own Roblox site. On the dresses, sweatshirts, and other clothes and accessories in the Forever 21 x Barbie line, there are elements like embossed art, beading, and textured materials. On social media, shoppers can follow the #TwinWithYourAvatar trend.

Shoppers may experience the collection in real life or in the metaverse with Forever 21 and Barbie’s latest partnership.

The chance to access a rising user base and profit from digital goods has been too attractive to pass up for many companies and retailers. Despite the fact that businesses are swimming headfirst into the metaverse, it is unclear how much the general population will comprehend and interact with the concept.


LinkedIn Business Manager

Similar to Facebook Business Manager, LinkedIn has rolled out its own Business Manager, to enhance Campaign Manager and Pages experiences

This provides increased control and visibility across your LinkedIn marketing effort from a central location.

From within the Business Manager, you can now:

  • View and manage your team
  • Free up time spent on admin tasks
  • Reach your buyers quickly through sharing matched audiences across ad accounts