Facebook announcement at 2016 F8 is a game changer ! Brands can now implement bots on their Messenger account, which can also be found in new ways. This opens many new opportunities for brands. There are obvious advantages in being a first mover. We’re here to help, building on our experience of the Facebook APIs as an official Facebook Marketing Partner, as well as our experience buildings bots on WeChat for international brands thanks to our Shanghai office.

Here is a collection of our analysis and opinions that got published in the industry press:
– Facebook Messenger Bots: 14 Facts to Know for Brands Digital Market Asia
– 8 Lessons From Facebook’s F8 Conference Marketing Interactive
– Top 5 Messenger Bots So Far and How to go Further Digital Market Asia

Services :- Consultancy and doability study
– Messenger Bot design and execution
– Wi.ai bot training

And one last thing, we’re the first advertising agency to release its own Messenger Bot ! You can talk to it at this address

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