10 Cool Things About the Meiji Singapore Website

Published on 07 Jun '16

Everyone needs some colour and fun in their lives and what better way of celebrating that fun, than by consuming some Panda-rific treats in the process! Meiji is known for its vibrant and colourful persona and the folks at their digital agency KRDS Singapore have helped create a perfect fun mix on the Meiji website.

In case you missed it, here are the top 10 cool things you will find on the website:

  1. Relive your Food Moments


The Meiji website is built to project the various food moments that one has during the day. When the user logs in during morning, the website displays breakfast food moments which change over the course of the day.

  1. Zhng the Panda


Who doesn’t like makeovers especially when you can give one to an adorable Meiji Panda! Use your imagination to ZHNG this fabulous panda.

  1. Choco Mix Music


If you love mixing and matching some cool beats, this section of the website is something you would enjoy. Use different instruments to create your own Choco Meiji Mix.

  1. Top Up My Cracker  


If food innovation is your strength, the Top up my Cracker game is for you. You can choose your choice of cracker and add your own toppings to create a tasty treat on the website.

  1. Quote my Yan Yan


If the last time you ate a Yan Yan and thought that the earth was best because its the only planet with Yan Yan, then this section of the website is your calling. Share your own quirky quote about Yan Yan to get featured on the website.

  1. The Social Board


This section displays the complete social board of Meiji including posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so you never miss a thing.

  1. Events and Promotions


Stay up to date with the upcoming Meiji events and promotions by checking out the Panda’s calendar and what it is up to.

  1. Colour Blast


The entire website is full of pop colours that brighten your screen any time of the day. The website also has an array of cool effects and animations.

  1. Choco Doodles


The website also has a fun mix of creative and interactive doodles that give it the vibrant and Pandarific feel.

  1. Error 404


When all else and the server fails, you can always rely on the Panda to make you smile.

Visit the website for a dose of Panda-rific fun at www.meiji.com.sg and get in touch with us at [email protected] for more insights.