Meiji Singapore Appoints KRDS Singapore

Published on 30 May '16

Meiji Seika Singapore, a household name that provides Panda-rific treats combining taste and health, has appointed Digital Agency, KRDS Singapore to revamp its website and to create fresh new stories on its social pages (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). The agency commenced work on the website since February 2016 and started posting content from April this year.

The development comes after Meiji Singapore along with its creative agency, ADK wanted to revamp its current website to deliver a stronger brand personality on all its social channels. The focus was on interactivity and letting the vibrancy of the brand come to life. Keeping this in mind, the homepage has been revamped to automatically change 5 times a day depending on the time of day. If a user connects to the website in the morning, the content would display breakfast related ‘Meiji Food Moments’.

The website was crafted to be fun, immersive and contains sections where, amongst other things, users can Zhng the Hello Panda or create their own “Choco Mix” songs.The focus on Social Media for Meiji is to create interactive posts that convey the colourful persona of the brand. The page regularly posts trendy and original content in the form of videos or gifs on different relevant topics throughout the day. The posts have received a positive response from users on the page.

Commenting on the win, Preetham Venkky, Director at KRDS Singapore said:

”Meiji has always been a fun and playful brand. It reminds us of our days from school. We wanted to extend the fun, the playfulness and the nostalgia to their existing digital channels. The new Meiji website is interactive and a user can spend hours creating their own music sourced from the sounds created using Meiji products.

Depending on the time of day, the homepage changes, contextualising Meiji products based on how it becomes a part of our daily consumption. The content on Social Media is GIF / video centric and will definitely bring a smile. We are really excited to be working with a legacy brand and the marketing team is a delight to work with. We are sure to accomplish more in the coming year.”

Mr Oh Kah Lock, Sales & Marketing Director at Meiji Seika Singapore added:

“As we move forward into our 100th anniversary in Japan this year, our focus has always been to celebrate our loyal customers and invite more members on our Meiji journey. We are quite excited to work with KRDS Singapore as we believe their digital expertise can help us share our story more effectively and open the doors to building a much more personal relationship with our customers in Singapore.”
KRDS Singapore aims to continue providing creative solutions for Meiji Seika Singapore to effectively showcase their vibrant brand personality on social channels.