Monday Morning Learning – 1 June 2020

Published on 02 Jun '20

TikTok Is Growing Around The World With China, India And The U.S. Being Early Successes

There are many reasons to think of TikTok as more of a competitor to YouTube. TikTok is not about sharing what you did today or where you went (though there is some great travel content on TikTok), but more about creating and sharing content, such as songs, dances, ideas, challenges – all presented in short video form.

Anonymous Reviews Critiquing Singapore Influencers Spark Controversy

Over the past week, Instagram page @influencerglassdoor has gained huge popularity for posting reviews about influencers. The reviews are submitted by members of the public who claim to have worked with the influencers before. However, given that these submissions are anonymous and there is a lack of evidence, it is no different from defamation and baseless accusations. This page has gained the attention of several big influencers in the industry.

Because of potential lawsuits arising, the admin of the page is now asking for evidence to be accompanied with these claims. They can come in the form of email threads, text messages, etc. This also signals a shift of “power” between influencers and consumers/agencies.

Instagram: @influencerglassdoor (It’s private, but you can request.)

Facebook Launches Collab, a Mix-and-match App for Making Collaborative Music Videos

Creators can either record their own musical arrangement or swipe to discover arrangements to build a composition, or a “collab.” While there are some elements of TikTok’s duets in this idea, the difference is that all videos posted to Collab can be mixed and matched with others.

Chinese Tech Giant Tencent Seeks to Purchase a Stake in Warner Music

The Warner investment would further reinforce Tencent’s growing presence in the music industry. It swapped stakes with Spotify in 2017 ahead of the music-streaming giant’s listing, while Vivendi SA sold a 10% stake in Universal Music Group to Tencent for $3.36 billion late last year, valuing the world’s largest music company at more than $33 billion.

The Rise of New Short-Form Video App Zynn Could Spell Trouble for TikTok

There’s a new, Chinese-owned, short-form video app on the rise, Zynn, hitting the top of the US App Store charts this week. Zynn’s key differentiator is, essentially, an in-built pyramid scheme.

Disney’s Head of Streaming Is New TikTok C.E.O.

Kevin Mayer will lead the Chinese-owned app for making and sharing short videos, which has exploded in popularity during the pandemic.

Instagram is Currently Testing a New, Double-story Stories Feed for Some Users

A double-story Stories listing may only be the start – if that proves popular, you can bet that Instagram will take it as a signal that more Stories is better.

That could have major implications for social media usage moving forward. At this stage, Instagram is still testing, but it’s worth noting the growing focus on Stories, and considering how that relates to your posting strategies.