Published on 03 Jan '22

Instagram’s Chief Outlines the Key Areas of Focus for the App in 2022

Throughout 2021, we saw Instagram copy virtually everything that TikTok has to offer, and according to Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, you can anticipate even more of the same in 2022, as the platform focuses on its main areas of growth, including streamlining its video formats to enhance interaction.

1. Reels will remain the key focus – all video formats will be round Reels.

2. Instagram will be looking to make messaging a bigger focus in the app, which is now ‘the primary way that people connect online’, while it will also be looking to add more monetization tools for creators in the app.


Tiktok Tests a New ‘re-post’ Option to Boost the Distribution of Clips

Tiktok is currently testing this feature with a small group of users, which allows them to re-share clips to their connections’ feeds under the ‘For you’ and ‘Following’ tabs without having to share the clip with each person individually, making it easier to distribute content.

On the other hand, making it easy to distribute messages could have the unintended consequence of spreading disinformation and hoaxes. At the moment, however, it is unclear whether this will become a standard feature.


Navigating the Metaverse With PFPs

It remains to be seen whether NFT-based profile pictures (PFPs) and avatars will scale up in the long run. PFPs, on the other hand, is gaining popularity among NFTs at the moment. Read more about PFPs here and on the top PFP artists here. Additionally, read more on the 2021 updates to the Metaverse here

Tiktok Now Has Live-stream Intros to Help With Engagement

This is a minor but potentially useful addition to your TikTok live-stream broadcasts. TikTok has added a new ‘LIVE intro’ option, according to user Jonah Manzano, which allows you to write a short written explanation to welcome new viewers as they come across your broadcast.

When this new LIVE Intro option is enabled, viewers will see a brief explainer when they join your stream.  That could be a simple method to greet viewers and explain what your broadcast is all about, as well as what you want them to do as viewers.

TikTok is steadily expanding its boundaries beyond short video snippets, and live-streaming is becoming a bigger part of it.