Published on 06 Oct '21

Facebook Updates Ad Reach Estimates, Moving Away from Specific Audience Projections

As of late last week, Facebook will provide estimated audience reach for ads instead of specific reach estimates to generalised potential reach categories. This means that when you create a Facebook ad, you’ll be given a range of people who are likely to see your campaign based on the target audience you choose, and they’ve changed the name from Potential Reach to Estimated Audience Size. This would give advertisers a broader display of potential reach estimates. Another point on estimating potential reach is when a person has connected their Facebook and Instagram accounts in Accounts Center, their accounts will be considered as a single account for ads estimation. However, if they have not connected both Facebook and Instagram accounts, they will be considered as multiple accounts for ads estimation purposes.


Facebook Launches Reels on Facebook to US Users

Just days after TikTok revealed that it had hit a billion active users, Facebook has now launched Reels on Facebook for all Facebook users in the United States, bringing its short-form video competitor to a much larger audience.

Reels on Facebook can consist of music, audio, effects and more. You can find them on your News Feed or in Groups, and you can quickly follow the creator directly from the video, like and comment on it, or share it with friends when viewing a reel on Facebook.


Facebook Experiments with Additional Business Context Elements in Ad Display

This new feature allows audiences to understand more about the business from the location, the number of followers and other details to be offered in future. This feature comes in handy to validate the legitimacy of the ad they are seeing as we know there has been a number of potential scam ads on going on FB at the moment. This provides more information to the viewer to help them understand why they are seeing specific ads and how they are being targeted. 


Facebook Adds Cross-App Group Chat Functionality in Messenger and Instagram Direct, New Chat Tools

Facebook has announced a raft of new Messenger and Instagram Direct features, including cross-app group chats, which allow you to participate in group discussions across the two apps, new group typing indicators to increase participation, and polls in your IG DMs.

It’s another step in Facebook’s bigger messaging integration strategy, which will eventually encompass WhatsApp, allowing users of each platform to communicate with each other on whatever app they want.


Social Platforms Jump on NFT Craze

Twitter and Instagram are looking for ways to integrate NFT display with their profile. Meanwhile, TikTok has launched a new spin on the NFT trend.

What are NFTs?

Basically, NFTs are digital artworks that can be owned by a single entity, with ownership data kept on the Ethereum blockchain (most frequently via Immutable X) and a unique identity for each piece that governs usage.

Why is TikTok’s NFT different?

TikTok launched ‘Top Moments’ to sell NFTs, but re-angled it as a creator monetization option. TikTok’s platform allows creators to easily transfer their best TikTok clips into sellable NFTs, adding more options for them to generate income from their efforts.

Why would people buy or sell a TikTok clip?

Some TikTok clips have become a part of web pop culture (for instance, couchguy).


Facebook announces new business products for personalized messaging.

Facebook recently announced new business tools to help brands connect directly with their leads and prospects using personalised messaging. This is a way for brands to personalise the experience they provide without having to rely on targeted advertising. Businesses can choose whether to use Messenger, Instagram Direct, or WhatsApp as their primary app for click-to-message ads.