Published on 07 Dec '21

Facebook Adds New Trend Insights in Creator Studio, Which Could Help Shape Your Posting Strategy

Facebook’s Creator Studio now includes new Trend Insights, which may aid in the development of your posting strategy. Trending content and hashtags within categories connected to your Business Page are highlighted in the new ‘Inspiration Hub’ part. In Creator Studio, you’ll see the first of the new insights, which includes hot hashtags and videos made by Pages similar to yours in the recent 24 hours.

Examine several forms of trending content on Facebook to see what users are responding to and what individuals in your target market are engaged in. Although this type of data is available on CrowdTangles, not everyone has access to it, making this feature a welcome one for marketers.


Meta Partners with Industry Experts on New Process to Detect and Remove ‘Revenge Porn’

As the title suggests, they can now detect inappropriate photos or videos from the internet using their technology. It isn’t entirely new, as YouTube already has a comparable technique for detecting copyright music. Previously, the photographs on Facebook and Instagram were not encrypted, allowing images of people to be easily accessed using Google’s reverse image search. Certain photographs from social networking networks are now undetectable by the reverse image search tool.


LinkedIn Adds New Tools to ‘Creator Mode’

LinkedIn’s ‘Creator Mode‘ capabilities have been enhanced with the addition of LinkedIn Live access for those who have turned on the function, as well as a new newsletter option for creators to keep in touch with their audience. LinkedIn is working on more tools to recognise great producers and better align them with the app, so they can post more frequently and keep their audiences coming back for their views and insights.


TikTok Tests New Option to Tag Other Profiles in Your Video Clips

TikTok is experimenting with a new feature that allows you to tag profiles in your video clips. You can currently tag others in the video caption, but you can now tag them directly in the video. This is done as a way to connect creators, which may aid in the promotion of both their own and other people’s presence.