Published on 10 Nov '21

Pinterest Announces ‘Pinterest TV’ Shoppable Live-Stream Series

Pinterest has now launched Pinterest TV, a series of live, original, and shoppable creator episodes. At first sight, the UX appears to be very similar to TikTok/Dou Yin’s live stream feature, in which the products being discussed are displayed as a clickable image on the screen, and viewers can purchase the product while the creator is talking about it. 

Producers from Pinterest collaborate closely with each creative to create original content, provide “backstage” A/V support, and launch captivating episodes. 


TikTok Provides New, Step-by-Step Guides to Creating Branded Content on the Platform

TikTok intends to help brands who are thinking about creating branded content or who want to enhance their content creation by providing extensive, step-by-step guidance to some of the platform’s most popular video genres. In their piece, Socialmediatoday goes over the three main video styles that TikTok has highlighted.

To begin, TikTok recommends making an introductory, first-person video to inform consumers about the business and what it does, complete with precise procedures and an outline, such as how long each clip should be and how the subject/product in the clips should be framed. Following that, a product demonstration and the creation of a customer’s tale by showing a real-life review of one of the brand’s most popular products.

Each of these video plans includes minute-by-minute framing comments, giving advertisers a clear picture of how to create an effective branded content clip that will operate best on the platform. If you’re out of ideas or don’t have time to explore the latest trends on the app, this is a great option.

While brands can pay to promote their videos to attract a wider audience, TikTok says that these recommended video formats can help brands develop a TikTok presence even if they don’t have financial assistance. Just a reminder that typical, interruptive ad methods will not work for TikTok; marketers will still need to align their creatives with TikTok trends to get the most out of their promotional dollars.


YouTube Tests Opening to Shorts Direct for Users That Regularly Engage with the Option

YouTube looks set to give Shorts even more focus.

“We’re currently testing out a new Shorts experience – if you’re in the experiment and you close the YouTube app while watching Shorts, you will be dropped into the Shorts player when you reopen the app (so you have direct access.) If you exit the YouTube app while watching any content other than Shorts, we won’t direct you right into Shorts next time you open the app.”

That would make Shorts the key focus for users who regularly engage with the option, with the app opening to a full-screen, never-ending feed of Shorts clips – just like TikTok.


Instagram Post Preview Cards are Back on Twitter

Instagram has announced that IG posts shared in tweets will appear with preview cards once again, helping to improve cross-platform sharing. Instagram preview links were previously available on Twitter, but Instagram cancelled them in 2012. Earlier this year, Instagram and Twitter started working together again, with tweets appearing as shareable stickers in Instagram Stories. 

Right now, while you can share tweets in Instagram Stories, they’re not tappable, due to the way that Instagram limits links in Stories – or has done thus far, till it rolled out the link sticker to all users last month. That expansion could pave the way for tappable tweet links, which would make cross-platform sharing even better.


Instagram rolls out new tools for creators to collaborate and partner with brands

Instagram’s testing new features to help brands and creators connect on the platform. Similar to TikTok’s Creator Marketplace, it would position Instagram as a one-stop shop for influencers to find brands to work with and vice versa.

3 features highlighted:

  • Partnership Messages
  • Data-driven Influencer Search
  • Preferred Brand Partners List