Published on 02 Nov '21

Instagram Makes Links in Stories Available to All Accounts

It’s been a long time coming, but Instagram Stories links are now available to all accounts, regardless of follower count or verification status. From August 2021, anyone can use the link sticker instead of the Swipe up links on their Stories.

Instagram announced that they’ll be working on ways to customise the sticker so that users know what they’ll see when they click the link. With changes focusing on Reels and Stories, the platform appears to be putting more emphasis on pushing video creation, in accordance with Facebook’s shift in priorities for Instagram to be more like TikTok in July 2021.


LinkedIn Launches New Freelancer Connection Tools to Lean into the Rising Gig Economy

With the global extension of LinkedIn’s Services Marketplace options, the company hopes to provide more ways for freelancers to discover and connect with one another, as well as maximise opportunities.

Advanced discovery is now available to users who add a Services listing to their profile, with additional suggestion tools, search filters, and other features that will assist business owners to hone in on what they need from freelancing providers. LinkedIn has also simplified the freelancer connection process by allowing users to place a request for services directly from your service page without having to connect or follow you. 

LinkedIn has also included a new dashboard for service providers, which will help them keep track of their numerous issues and requests. Users will be able to manage the customer reviews that appear on their services page through the new dashboard’s ‘Reviews status’ element.


Twitter Previews Coming NFT Display Options for Profile Images

Users will be able to display their NFT assets on Twitter in the future. This might be the beginning of other social media sites incorporating similar features for users in order to attract and retain a wider following.

Because of the regular exchanges between big personalities like Elon Musk, Twitter and Reddit have become one of the go-to venues for news connected to Cryptocurrencies.