Published on 10 May '22

Facebook’s Removing a Range of Location Tracking Tools as Data Regulations Continue to Evolve

According to Meta, these services will be discontinued after May 31st, 2022, at which point Meta will cease collecting the data necessary to power these elements, even if you had previously enabled them. According to Meta, all previously logged information pertaining to these functions will be destroyed on August 1st.

“While we’re deprecating some location-based features on Facebook due to low usage, people can still use Location Services to manage how their location information is collected and used.”


TikTok Has A New Way For Advertisers to Reach Users

TikTok Pulse is a new advertising alternative for marketers unveiled by TikTok. This new ad option exposes brands to the top 4% of videos. More specifically, your advertising may appear alongside content in a user’s For You stream.

Additional benefits of TikTok Pulse include:

  • Drive engagement and action
  • Confidence in brand suitability measurements

Currently, TikTok will offer 12 categories of Pulse for brands to choose where to show their content. Some of the categories included are:

  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Cooking
  • Gaming

By allowing you to select the category in which your advertising appears, you may engage with the groups that are most relevant to you. TikTok will apply an in-house designed inventory filter to ensure that your advertising appears next to top content. They simply ensure that the information published on the site is validated and has the highest level of brand compatibility.

Individual producers and media publishers with at least 100,000 followers are currently eligible for the programme.


LinkedIn Updates Feed Algorithm to Downrank Engagement-Baiting Posts and Polls

LinkedIn users dislike engagement baiting posts. These posts specifically request or encourage the community to interact with the material through likes or reactions. This type of content can be deceptive and frustrating for LinkedIn users, who are mostly professionals.

LinkedIn also recognises that polls are frequently utilised by social media marketers since they are straightforward and easy for the audience to engage with. To combat this, their algorithm will only display polls that are useful and relevant.

LinkedIn also published a paper titled “5 Key Ingredients for a Unified Brand,” which contained a table format outlining how marketers may assist in finding the correct story for each audience (page 15). Download the PDF here:


LinkedIn Feed Algorithm Updates

LinkedIn users can now opt out of political content within the app. While it does not influence everyone, persons in political and advocacy roles may become involved, affecting platform reach and performance for select users and brands.

LinkedIn is attempting to reduce notification volume, so you will receive fewer updates from your network. Instead, it will display more targeted activity from your network, where you are more likely to participate in the conversation or interact with the post. (For example, if you don’t know that other person, you may not get much value from reading a connection’s comment on someone else’s post about a job move, thus they will show fewer such posts.)


Millennium Hotels & Resorts Launches M Social Decentraland

Millennium Hotels & Resorts, which debuted on May 5, 2022, is the world’s first hospitality group to run a hotel in the metaverse. M Social Decentraland is the hospitality group’s newest hotel and is positioned as a destination for those who want to learn new things and interact with like-minded people.

Guests can engage with the avatar that greets them in the foyer and will be led on a discovery tour within the hotel. Those that make it to the summit of Decentraland will be rewarded with real-world hotel delights. Millennium Hotels and Resorts is searching for like-minded partners for future partnerships, as well as adding treasures and surprises to their virtual world visits as an incentive for more visitors to explore their new hotel. 


Whatsapp launches New Communities feature

This is the first stage of the community feature announced last month:

  • Able to send files over 100MB which was the limit but now increased to 2GB
  • New admin tools, sub-groups
  • Whatsapp calls can hold up to 32 people using audio only
  • Reactions are avail in group chats and possible to add up to 512 people in a group chat! The current limit is 256 people

On the brand marketing front, this opens up new opportunities in which brands may create a loyalty group within Whatsapp itself and offer unique deals and sneak peeks to their chosen clientele.