Published on 26 Apr '22

Facebook’s New Feature Lets You Use Music in Post Replies and Comments

You may now include music samples in your post replies, encouraging people to listen to your favourite music and providing another opportunity for marketers to connect with their audiences.

It works similarly to the music sticker in Facebook stories, where you may search for tracks by touching on the music note icon on the right of the comment box, alongside other icons such as emojis, gifs, and so on.

You can then choose a segment of the track to share a sample of the track in order to offer context to your thoughts, link people to new tracks, or make amusing allusions. This is new, and it remains to be seen how popular it will be, but it might be another avenue for a company to communicate with its followers.


BeReal is Gen Z’s new favourite social media app. Here’s how it works.

BeReal is a social networking app that seeks to provide users with an authentic platform to share their stories. Rather than utilising filters and manipulated photographs, BeReal users publish a picture, known as a ‘BeReal,’ inside a random 2-minute window each day to share with friends wherever they are or whatever they are doing at the time. The app alerts you at the start of the 2-minute posting window, but this window changes daily, so you can plan ahead of time what you’ll be doing. During that time, you’ll take a picture with both your front and rear cameras, and the two photographs will be posted to the app at the same time.

BeReal, which was founded in late 2019, is said to be the next big social networking app, with 7.67 million downloads year to date. The app is capturing the attention of Gen Zs, particularly in France and the United States, where they account for 20.5% and 19.7% of downloads, respectively. In 2022, it had 65% of its lifetime downloads, and its monthly users had increased 315% year so far.

This is definitely an alternative if you want to try this out, giving your friends an unfiltered look into your life and it’s like a breath of fresh air from seeing curated content on Instagram.  You’d be less likely to spend too much time on the app if you could only publish once a day. Despite its growing popularity, we need to wait and see how this app evolves and if it expands outside France and the United States.


Bitcoin Mining Is Naturally Gravitating to Green Energy

Earth Day 2022 (April 22) is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how crypto mining businesses have begun to organically gravitate toward less expensive and greener energy sources.

Clean energy is preferred due to a combination of environmental concerns, political pressures, and a focus on the bottom line. It’s causing a sea change that might have far-reaching consequences beyond Bitcoin mining, affecting electricity grid systems all across the world.

Hydropower is currently one of the most dependable renewable energy sources available; however, other renewables such as wind energy, solar power, and nuclear energy can also be employed. Prioritizing renewable energy to power the majority of operations is a long-term sustainable plan.


Everything You Need to Know About Moonbirds NFTs, the Hottest NFT Trend of the Past Week

What are they?

Moonbirds are a collection of 10,000 NFTs issued on Ethereum’s network on April 16th, 2022.

Why are they a big deal?

Moonbirds NFTs represent “utility-enabled PFPs that feature a richly diverse and unique pool of rarity-powered traits.”. AKA: They have properties that can be rare, and they’re more than just a picture.

  1. When you hold a Moonbird, you have access to an NFT-gated Discord server. Once inside, users will have access to exclusive Moonbirds channels where they can learn about upcoming drops, community activities, nesting, and so on. This is the first well-publicised example of NFT-gating, but it will not be the last.
  2. Moonbirds are designed to be locked and nested without leaving the user’s wallet. As soon as the Moonbird is nested, it begins to accrue additional benefits, and as the total nested time accumulates, customers will notice their NFTs achieving new tier levels – so upgrading their nest.


Debunking the Misconception about Instagram Hashtags

According to a Socialinsider survey, 53% of respondents stated that the primary motivation for utilising Instagram hashtags is to increase reach/post views. However, this is a common misperception.

Instagram hashtags help users understand what a post is about, but they aren’t always a good way to acquire more exposure.

  • Big accounts should use three-four hashtags to obtain better impressions rates.
  •  Mid-sized accounts get a higher impression rate if they use more than five hashtags.

In addition, Instagram is experimenting with the removal of the “recent” tab while searching for a hashtag. This implies that when you search a hashtag, you’ll only find “Top” or “Reels,” and the content will become more algorithm-centric rather than chronological-centric.

One approach is to include the keyword in the post copy because IG’s keyword search works similarly to Google in that it can identify both the term and the hashtag.


Communities Feature Added to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is launching its new feature: “WhatsApp Communities”. This will allow schools or local clubs to message several groups at once, making it easier to send updates and organise events.

Communities will make it easier for a school principal, for example, to gather all of the parents at the school to discuss must-read information and form groups for specific subjects, extracurricular activities, or volunteer needs.

Some other updates WhatsApp is introducing are:

  • Reactions – Emoji reactions will be launched so people can quickly share their opinion without flooding chats with new messages
  • Admin Delete – Group admins will be able to remove problematic messages from everyone’s chats
  • File-Sharing – They are increasing file sharing to support files up to 2 gigabytes so people can easily collaborate on projects
  • Larger Voice Calls – They are introducing one-tap voice calling for up to 32 people with an all-new design


New Cookie Choices in Europe

If you’ve ever visited a website in Europe, you’ve probably seen a cookie consent banner. Cookies allow websites to remember information about your visit so that they may do things like show text in your preferred language, verify that you’re a legitimate user, or evaluate how effective an ad campaign is.

Anyone in Europe who visits Search or YouTube while signed out or in Incognito Mode will soon receive a new cookie consent option. This upgrade, which began rolling out on YouTube earlier this month, will provide you with equal “Reject all” and “Accept all” buttons on the first screen in your selected language. (You can also pick “More alternatives” to further modify your selection.)

We’ve kicked off the launch in France and will be extending this experience across the rest of the European Economic Area, the U.K. and Switzerland. Before long, users in the region will have a new cookie choice — one that can be accepted or rejected with a single click.