Published on 19 Apr '22

YouTube and TikTok Add New Options for Automated Captions, Improving Accessibility

With a new option to add a ‘Subtitles editor’ job within the YouTube Studio app, creators may more easily outsource the development and editing of subtitles on their videos. This allows access to a third party to manage subtitles on your clips.

This improves the readability and accuracy of captions on the material. YouTube provides automated subtitles on all uploads, but because they are automated, they are not always accurate, which is especially true for specific languages, and this option will allow for more administrative capability in this area.

By making English language auto-captions the default for all uploads, TikTok hopes to increase caption access and use for a wider audience. After they’ve been made, you can make changes to the auto-captions. This allows consumers to better understand what videos are about when they are watching them with the sound turned off.

With both TikTok and YouTube expanding into new markets and gaining broader adoption around the world, it’s critical that each app take appropriate steps to maximise utility. Accessibility has become a focus for social apps in recent years, and platforms are constantly adding new tools and options to help a wider range of users access the content.


Rising Social App: BeReal

BeReal is a photo-sharing app that allows you to share photographs from your back and front cameras with your pals. Everyone takes a photo within 2 minutes every day at a different time. (It’s similar to Snapchat, but it’s more genuine because there are no filters and a time restriction for taking a snapshot of whatever you’re doing at the time.)

This app was developed in 2020, but it has seen a 315% spike in app downloads this year, with Gen Z appearing to be the primary target group. (This function appears to have the potential to be replicated by Facebook and Instagram if the app becomes more widely used.)

We can see a need for more honest, unfiltered depictions of people’s real-life experiences, as opposed to edited/filtered images/videos, as the numbers grow. (Perhaps this is something we should remember while creating content – the “more authentic” the content, the better.)

In BeReal, there are no reactions like hearts or thumbs up. Instead, you must use the app to shoot a selfie of your face within a circle design. These are referred to as “realmojis” because instead of commenting on an emoji, you exhibit your own facial expression.


Baskin-Robbins Scoops Up Brand Refresh

In its first significant rebranding in nearly two decades, Baskin-Robbins is releasing a new logo, branding, and packaging for the United States and Canada. The new theme’s tagline, “Seize the Yay,” urges people to embrace life’s small pleasures.

Baskin-Robbins will showcase three new flavours as well as its first line of goods, which will include clothes, hats, and a bike, to commemorate the relaunch.

They also developed a creative campaign with two 15-second commercials featuring children enjoying a scoop after learning to ride a bike and surviving the first day of school.

Baskin Robbin’s updated look follows refreshes by legacy brands including M&M’s, Coca-Cola and even Boss earlier this year. Each employed varied methods to highlight their respective marketing aims, but they all appear to be leveraging their rebranding to better fit a landscape that has been continually transformed by the pandemic and to push forward with a streamlined, realigned message.


YouTube Launches New ‘Search Insights’ for All Creators

YouTube has announced that it’s rolling out its new Search Insights feature to all creators, which will provide a range of new data points to help refine your YouTube strategy, based on what people are looking for in the app.

For ‘Content Gap’ inquiries, which are search phrases that don’t generate a lot of results, YouTube will show a marker. The idea is that by displaying these inquiries, content creators will be able to focus on developing content that corresponds with searches that aren’t currently being provided by the videos in the app, perhaps opening up new prospects for your efforts.

There’s also a feature called ‘Searches Across YouTube,’ which will show you the most popular search queries for any keyword.


Instagram Introduces 7 New Messaging Features

Here’s a full rundown of every new feature:

  1. Reply while you browse: Quickly reply to a message without having to leave the Instagram Home feed.
  2. Quickly send to friends: Re-share content without navigating away from the Instagram Home feed by tapping and holding the share button.
  3. See who’s online: See who’s free to chat at the top of your inbox list.
  4. Share a song: Share a 30-second preview of a song via integrations with Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify (coming soon).
  5. Send messages quietly: Send messages without notifying friends by adding “@silent” in your message.
  6. Switch theme: Try out the new lo-fi chat theme.
  7. Create a poll in group messages: Create a poll directly in a group chat to survey your friends.

Link: Instagram Introduces 7 New Messaging Features for DMs | Later 

See How Coachella Festival 2022 Leverages NFTs for Integrating Online and Offline Experiences

If you thought Coachella would be a safe haven from the ever-increasing crowds of tech dudes who can’t stop talking about NTFS, you’d be mistaken.

Coachella Collectibles NFTs, the festival’s own version of the trendiest of current commodities, was released ahead of this year’s festival.

It’s a move that seems to necessitate a lot more digital know-how and futuristic vision than one might expect for an event centred on excellent music and vibes, but one that the fest claims will provide plenty of potential rewards for festival-goers.