Published on 13 Apr '22

Twitter Begins Pilot Tests for 3 New Ad Formats

Interactive Text Ads: Advertisers can highlight up to 3 words in your ad content — this is a new way for consumers to interact with ad copy, so choose your words carefully when producing your copy — and these highlighted words can direct users to a landing page. This is beneficial because if TW provides you with insights into each highlighted word, you’ll know exactly what prompted the user to interact with your ad.

Product Explorer Ads: Customers can swipe and rotate products to see them from multiple perspectives and in various colours.

Collection Ads: It appears to be similar to Facebook’s Instant Experience ad type, which features a hero image with up to five smaller thumbnail images in a carousel format. People can be sent to several landing pages by each image.


New Balance is amongst brands trying on Twitter’s first 3D product ads

  • During a time when mobile campaign targeting and measurement confront significant problems, Twitter is diversifying its ad solutions. 
  • Each of the new products focuses on results, urging customers to visit a website to make a purchase or learn more about the company. The formats also include exaggerated text callouts that can be emphasised in different colours, dynamic 3D technology, or a scrolling carousel that’s widespread on other social platforms to create a more visually noticeable break with the main Twitter feed.
  • Interactive Text is one of the functionalities available. This format displays messages in larger, bolder typography than standard tweets and can be used to accompany material such as a video. Up to three terms in the copy can be highlighted and connected to landing sites. The format is being tested by Oreo, Bud Light, and Wendy’s.


Google Adds New Visual and Text Search Options to Enhance Product Discovery

With the addition of a new ‘multi search’ option, Google is making it easier to locate exactly what you’re looking for in visual search queries. Users will be able to broaden their search results by combining visual and text elements.


  • Screenshot a particular style of orange dress and add the search “green” to find it in that colour.
  • Take a picture of a plant and add the query “care instructions” for specific instructions to that plant

By using visual cues to boost your results, refining your search by colour, brand, or a visual element helps to improve shopping search matches.  As AR glasses and other visual tools become more common, and people become more acclimated to using visual references, such visual search criteria may become a much bigger factor in the future.