Published on 07 Apr '22

WhatsApp Announces New Improvements for Audio Recordings in the App

The capacity to use your voice, instead of text, can have intrinsic value, and on WhatsApp, that value is clearly a big bonus, with users now sending 7 billion voice messages per day, on average, in the app.

Given the widespread use of voice recordings in WhatsApp, the company is now seeking to improve the experience with several new features aimed at helping users get the most out of their audio chats.

The following are some of the new voice message additions:

  • Out of Chat Playback
  • Pause/Resume Recording
  • Waveform Visualization
  • Draft Preview
  • Remember Playback
  • Fast Playback on Forwarded Messages


McDonald’s Norway Displays ‘Iconic Trash’ in a Bid to Reduce Littering

McDonald’s is running an ad campaign in Norway that addresses the company’s role in littering.

By using print, social media, and out-of-home (OOH) advertisements to collect what the company refers to as “iconic rubbish,” such as burger wrappers and soda cups abandoned on the street. “Take away your takeaway,” adds the copy, encouraging customers to dispose of their waste once they’ve finished eating.

McDonald’s is demonstrating a willingness to show the brand in a less flattering light to spur customers to cut out littering. This concept recognises the role takeout plays in pollution.

McDonald’s sees the campaign as a way to clean up its image even more. Even while the decision to litter is up to the individual consumer, people who see the chain’s packaging frequently as street trash may form implicit unfavourable associations with the brand.


TikTok Has Added Another Content Creation Option

The new GIF ‘Library’ tool enables users to select from popular animated content which they can then integrate into their TikTok clips to film reactions and responses and create scenes. This adds an additional layer of convenience for users to immerse themselves within their favourite cultural moment.

HBO, ABC, Hulu, Xbox, and The Roku Channel are among the verified partners and artists.

It’s a good addition for TikTok, especially given the app’s popularity with reaction content, and this tool will essentially enable more participatory meme trends – rather than just watching trends evolve, you can add your own perspective, making it much easier to contribute to the app and participate in such movements.


Study Shows Facebook’s Interest Targeting Is Inaccurate Around 1/3 of the Time

This research was carried out using controlled experiments, in which new accounts were created and a series of planned activities were carried out in a systematic manner.

Inaccuracy #1: The technology on Facebook frequently fails to discern between positive and bad interactions. For example, you may submit a critical comment on cheese, but Facebook interprets it as you being interested in cheese and hence discussing it.

Inaccuracy #2: Entities will be mistakenly attributed to Facebook’s algorithm. When you visit Apple’s (the tech business) Facebook page, for example, Facebook will presume you are interested in the fruit ‘Apple.’

Facebook also makes it difficult for consumers to opt-out of particular interest targeting (around 6 steps), resulting in marketers’ money being wasted by targeting the wrong person. Here’s where you can find out which brands are targeting your demographic:


Rebecca Minkoff Goes Back To The Metaverse With An NFT Collection For Crypto Fashion Week

Rebecca Minkoff presents her brand’s second NFT collection during this year’s Crypto Fashion Week. This time, though, the appearances are created specifically for the metaverse. Customers can browse, purchase, and style their avatars on The Dematerialised (DMAT), a fashion marketplace for fashion NFTs, where the entire selection is available. You also don’t need a cryptocurrency wallet to buy them.

It can be liberating to experiment and play around while developing digital fashion for the metaverse, such as making a jewel-encrusted gown that would weigh hundreds of pounds in real life but would function in the metaverse because there is no physics. It’s fascinating to see how the fashion industry has progressed from making physical collections to generating two different collections or allowing their physical collections to be available in the metaverse – a virtual realm that connects the physical and virtual worlds.


Metaverse Fashion Week Provides a Glimpse of Virtual Brand Experiences

In the last few weeks, we have seen more brands jumping on Decentraland

The Ethereum blockchain powers Decentraland, a decentralised virtual reality network. Users may create, enjoy, and monetise their content and applications on the Decentraland platform. It’s only available on a desktop browser, not on a mobile device.

Dolce & Banna x UNXD Catwalk Show

Had digital models as cat avatars flying around rather than sticking on the catwalk. An exclusive peek at 20 digital wearables was provided.

Selfridges Retail Theatre

Their collection as NFTs was featured in an interactive experience. It was a digital recreation of its Birmingham store that functioned as a gallery and introduction to its NFTs, rather than a shoppable experience.

Tommy Hilfiger Phygital

 Combination of physical + digital approach

Featured in the 2022 collection, shoppers may buy NFTs linked to the label by opening an online storefront. They could then redeem these NFTs for their physical equivalents.
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