Published on 28 Mar '22

Omega X Swatch Collection Draws Huge Queues Not Only in Singapore but Also Around the World

This is an example of a product launch that went horribly wrong. Not only in Singapore, but all over the globe. Here’s a quick rundown of what happened in Singapore over the weekend, notably at MBS and ION Orchard:

On the day of the debut, Omega and Swatch collaborated to offer a limited quantity of watches for sale. However, they did not expressly state that this will be made readily available for mass purchase in a few weeks. From 7 a.m., a large number of people queued at the outlets. When the store only had 100 watches for sale, the throng grew to nearly 500+ individuals queuing in a limited space.

Both brands had no online or on-site communication to deal with the matter. It got worse when someone passed out and the cops had to intervene, requiring the ambulance to be dispatched, adding to the strain on the already overburdened Singapore healthcare system.

As this is a pandemic, brands should have been more cautious in applying smarter digital tactics to entice customers in this first-ever unique launch, giving more thought to the tactical phase, and being more hands-on in crisis management to avoid pandemonium.


Instagram’s Testing a New, Full-Screen Main Feed of Feed Posts, Stories and Reels Content. (Not rolled out yet)

Instagram is experimenting with a new, completely integrated home feed that would eliminate the top Stories bar and replace it with an immersive, full-screen, swipeable UI. Regular Feed posts, Stories, and Reels will all be contained within a single flow.

It’s a more obvious and logical approach to presenting Instagram material, and it fits perfectly with TikTok’s expanding usage trends. In contrast to the existing system, which presents things in varied ways and frequently puts more than one item on the screen at a time, the change would allow algorithmic enhancements based on your response to each specific post.

Instagram hasn’t yet been able to crack the algorithm as effectively as TikTok has and the new presentation style could help to change that and would be a big step in moving into line with the broader TikTok trend.


Instagram Launches Algorithm-Free Feed Sorting Options to All Users

Users may now view their Instagram feed in chronological order based on the profiles they follow, ad-free and with recommendations. (Basically, we’re reverting back to how IG used to look when we all first started using it.)

To modify the appearance of your main content, you now have two new Instagram feed display options to pick from:

  • Favourites – Accounts that you have added to your ‘Favourites’ list. You can add up to 50 accounts as Favourites.
  • Following – Accounts that you follow in the app, as per the regular Instagram feed.

It does not, however, apply to the feed that appears when you first launch the app. Only by clicking on the word “Instagram” in the top left corner and selecting “Favourites” or “Following” will you be able to see this. Users are also complaining that despite downloading the most recent version for the app, they are still unable to see this new function.


TikTok Caption + Likes Update

When you’re viewing your own video on your TikTok page, you’ll see an interface that looks like a live stream, with the title, comments, and live float up and down. This could be a useful way for you to look back over your films and discover who has enjoyed them.

If you’re watching videos from another account, you won’t see this interface. I looked for news about this update but couldn’t find anything that explained why TikTok intended to change the interface.

Charles & Keith Metaverse Contest

Charles & Keith are showcasing their new Spring collection with their own pop-up booth in the virtual realm in connection with the world’s first Metaverse Fashion Week hosted on Decentraland.

They’ve established a contest in which users may build their own avatar at the Charles & Keith pop-up booth while carrying any of their new bags for a chance to win the season’s main bag, the mini Koa bag.

This allows consumers to not only see the new collection without leaving their homes but also to express their personal style by creating their own avatars and trying on digital wearables from the collection. If the user like what they see, they’ll be taken to the product page where they can buy it right away.