Published on 22 Mar '22

Facebook Is Developing Reactions to Reels

Facebook is now extending reactions to Reels as another way to respond to its short-form video content.

Users can choose from seven different reactions, including emoticons. At the moment, you can only like or comment on posts. You can also express how you feel about the video with emoticons, while this is not required. There is, however, no mention of full testing or a release date.


The Secret to Hopping on TikTok Trends

TrendTok Analytics is a tool for producers to discover the most recent and up-and-coming trends on TikTok, and it notifies users when a new sound is popular. Under the audio, you can see data like connected hashtags, the number of current views, and AI prediction.

The software uses artificial intelligence to compile a list of customised trends related to the creator’s niche, as well as to predict viral trends before they occur. Creators who pounce on trends before they reach their apex discover that their videos are more likely to be shared with more people, resulting in higher audio usage.


Heineken Parodies Metaverse with Virtual Brew

Within the metaverse, Heineken claims to have created the world’s first virtual beer.

The beer will only be accessible at Heineken’s virtual brewery on Decentraland, where guests of a launch party learnt how the beer is manufactured while feasting on “pixelated lobster and caviar” and interacting with Heineken brand ambassadors.

The virtual brew, which advertises “no calories, no hidden ingredients, and no beer,” was designed as a humorous activation that taps into the hoopla around the metaverse and virtual goods while also building brand awareness.

They said that Heineken Silver, their new virtual beer, is an ironic joke. It’s a self-aware concept that mocks them and a slew of other firms who are attempting to enter the metaverse with products that are best appreciated in the real world.

Metaverse platforms like Decentraland have become excellent (virtual) real estate for marketers hoping to cash in on the growing popularity of virtual goods and experiences.

The virtual brewery also serves as a learning tool for Heineken. Virtual yeast, called as A-Pixels, may be seen brewing in horizontal tanks within the virtual brewery. The A-Pixels are a substitute for the actual A-yeast used by Heineken to produce their real-life beer.


IG Reels Audio Hack

Due to copyright, Business accounts do not have access to music from recording artists because they don’t want their name attached to a brand. (Most sources come from 2021)

If you encounter such a scenario where you are unable to find the audio, just download the video with the audio you want, then import the audio when posting on your client’s account. When you import audio, IG will prompt you to name your audio and you can just give the credit to the original song and artist.


TikTok Is Rolling Out Snapchat-style Stories

Using the same editing tools, effects, filters, and noises as when taking a photo or video for TikTok’s basic function, adding a video or photo to a narrative is a breeze. Stories, unlike ordinary TikTok videos, do not appear on your profile or feed and are deleted after 24 hours.

How it works: When you’re watching a video, you’ll notice a blue-circled profile image. When you tap it, you’ll be sent right to that user’s storey feed. If you’re reading a user’s profile, you’ll notice the same blue circle, and hitting the profile photo will take you to the story. 

The key difference between this and, say, IGS is that users can comment publicly on stories and see who has read the content. Rather than sending a list of private story views and replies to a DM, TikTok Stories will display user comments on the story itself, as well as an additional tab that allows users to see who has viewed any given tale. Perhaps it will pave the way for increased transparency in interaction and two-way exchanges in stories.