Published on 16 Mar '22

Instagram Launches Moderation Options for IG Live Streams

Similar to the YouTube live-streaming feature, Instagram has rolled out new moderator options for users and brands to assign moderators when they are going live.

This operates similarly to YouTube, where the streamer can assign a moderator to control comments, remove viewers, and turn off individual viewers’ remarks.

The primary difference is that while YouTube allows for several moderators, Instagram currently only allows for one.


Instagram Launches New Creator Lab to Help Creators Maximize their On-Platform Performance

Instagram’s looking to help creators get a better understanding of key posting best practices and processes through a new Creator Lab initiative, which has videos and insights from various successful creators on key elements.

The Creator Lab features sections on channel growth, monetization, and safety precautions, all hosted by well-known Instagram influencers. Each part offers a number of video segments that, while brief, include useful strategy and optimization information. There are several notes on how to grasp Instagram’s various algorithms, as well as solutions to some of the most often asked questions.

TikTok’s revenue methods aren’t as developed as Instagram or YouTube’s, which could be a flaw in the process, and more large producers may eventually migrate to the more established applications.


Pinterest Launches a Shop Feature ‘Your Shop’, As Well As Improvements for Pinterest Trends

‘Your Shop’ is a Pinterest feature that allows users to browse, shop, and buy items that are totally suited to their personal preferences. Pinterest users will have a personalised purchasing experience with brands and goods based on their activity and preferences.

With Pinterest’s ever-improving algorithms seeking to deliver ever-more appealing product matches for each user, it’ll ideally get more people tapping through on more products in-stream.

Shopify merchants will now be able to use a new straight in-app checkout option. This will make it much easier to get inspiration to purchase without having to leave the app. This will result in more impulse purchases and more shopping activity.

Another update is improvements for Pinterest Trends, which provides insights into the popularity of any topic in the app. US, Canada and the UK will see new features added to the Pinterest trends tool, including real-time search data, more trend types, more granular audience tools and personalized trend recommendations for your business. And later this year, we’ll launch the tool to additional countries all over the world.”


Twitter Expands Their Test on the ‘Shops’ Feature

Twitter started testing its ‘Shop’ function last year, however, they only permitted 5 products at the time. Twitter Shops, a new shopping feature trial, will allow merchants to build a collection of up to 50 products to promote on their Twitter profiles starting today.

Twitter hopes that by doing so, users will be more likely to progress from discussing things on Twitter to actually clicking through to the merchant’s website and checking out.


Sephora Press Day 2022 – Beautyverse

Every year at Sephora Press Day, the company would host events with the media and important opinion leaders to promote new products and launches in unique locations and themes. 

Sephora designed this year’s Press Day in the Metaverse with sections dedicated to different beauty categories, from hair to skincare, displaying different brands they’re launching online and in-store, following in the footsteps of other brands that have used the metaverse to organise virtual events. People can stroll across the Beautyverse to various rooms to explore various stations and converse with others in the same space.

You can see a preview of the walkthrough here:

Why the Photo Dump Trend Is Taking Over Instagram

Photo-dump refers to a carousel post, a minimal and raw looking collection of up to 10 slides that convey a story or mood. This has become increasingly popular since the lockdown when members of the community went to Instagram to discuss what they were up to at the time.

An unfiltered and unpolished appearance, in contrast to the visually beautiful photographs that the Instagram feed is known for. This authentic visual trend could help brands gain more attention and engagement with their target audiences.