Published on 23 Feb '22

Instagram Adds Stories Likes to Provide Insight on Viewer Engagement

You can ‘like’ any Story in your feed with Stories Likes. You’ll notice a new heart icon at the bottom of your Stories screen in the app, which when tapped will send the creator of that Story alike. Only the creator will be able to see them, and they will not be sent as a direct message.

This might be a new approach for Instagram to rate the Stories in your feed and highlight the ones that are most likely to be of interest. This can also be used to assess engagement.


Google Shares Privacy Sandbox Roadmap for Android and the Web

Replacing the FLoC proposal following the FLoC trials is The Privacy Sandbox, alleged to “preserve privacy while showing relevant content and ads”.  The goals of the Privacy Sandbox include:

  • Build new technology to keep your information private
  • Enable publishers and developers to keep online content free
  • Collaborate with the industry to build new internet privacy standards

Privacy Sandbox for the Web will phase out third-party cookies and limit covert tracking, also aligned with Google’s shift to the topics API, the alternative to cookie-based tracking. Key takeaways from the Topics API for marketers include

  • Focus on affinity and intent, rather than demographics
  • Higher focus on search data to determine interest
  • Change in nurture cycle as topics data is deleted every 3 weeks

This roadmap is said to be prepared in alignment with the W3C standards.

(W3C publishes documents that define Web technologies. These documents follow a process designed to promote consensus, fairness, public accountability, and quality. At the end of this process, W3C publishes Recommendations, which are considered Web standards.)


LinkedIn Adds New Elements to its ‘Services’ Listings to Help Freelancers Generate Business

LinkedIn has added two new aspects to its Services Pages, allowing freelancers and small businesses to list and be found for the services they provide on their LinkedIn profiles.

The additional aspects will provide you with more ways to give your services listings more legitimacy. For starters, LinkedIn will now allow users to link their LinkedIn Company Page to their Services listing. So, if your SMB or consultancy has a business page, you can now create a link between your Services display and that page.

Furthermore, LinkedIn will also allow members to include a media showcase on their services sites. The new options provide you with more methods to entice potential clients, and they could be extremely useful in advertising and presenting your expertise in new ways.


JP Morgan becomes the first bank to join the Metaverse 

JPM set up shop in Metaverse Decentraland in Metajuku mall where their lounge features a live tiger, spiral staircase and an illuminated portrait of CEO Jamie Dimon. They have a blockchain arm which they started only in 2020 and now a virtual office in the metaverse, joining the likes of Walmart, Disney, Nike and Warner Bros. 

They estimate the metaverse economy to be worth USD1 trillion dollars in yearly revenue and predict that there will be gig workers earning income just by providing services in the metaverse alone


Will virtual influencers be the next big thing in K-POP?

According to a researcher at Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation (KOBACO), COVID-19 has led people to look for a more entertaining digital experience.

Han Yoo Ah, a virtual influencer, just inked a contract with YG Entertainment, the same company that gave birth to Big Bang and 2NE1. Her first album is expected to be released at the end of February.

Speaking involves “natural acting motions,” which requires more advanced technology, according to the K-entertainment industry. It is also easier to programme virtual influencers to sing than it is to programme them to speak. 

If you’re interested in hearing how effectively these virtual influencers “sing,” Rozy, South Korea’s first virtual influencer, will release her first single “Who Am I” on February 22.


Instagram Shares New Overviews of the Key Ranking Factors for Feed Posts, Stories and Reels

As Instagram competes with TikTok, Reels has its own algorithm. The TikTok algorithm is finely tailored to user interests, and as you scroll around the app, it will swiftly adapt to show you more of what you’re interested in, similar to how Instagram’s Reels algorithm is expanding.

The focus elements have been re-ordered for Reels, so that your participation in the Reels stream took priority above information about the post and its author, as it does in the main feed.