Published on 30 May '22

Social Media Managers Can Now Post to TikTok from Their Favorite Social Media Management Tools

TikTok has now integrated a new set of social media management tools to its Marketing Partners Program, allowing you to organise, schedule, and publish content to TikTok from your preferred platform.


International Burger Day Posts From McDonald’s in Asia – Great Way to Increase Engagements

McDonald’s Singapore initiated the conversation by posting their favourite burgers and tagging McDonald’s Korea to contribute their favourites as well.

McDonald’s Korea then tagged McDonald’s HK in order for them to share theirs.

According to social proof, a post from McDonald’s SG received over 2.5k likes, much beyond their usual 200-500 likes. At the same time, it piques consumers’ interest in the burgers available in other Asian countries, encouraging them to click on each of the marked McDonald’s locations to learn more.


Chevrolet’s WhatsApp Game Drives Awareness of Texting and Driving Dangers

Chevrolet Brazil created a WhatsApp mobile game to raise awareness about the dangers of texting and driving. The campaign will be promoted by promotions on Instagram Stories and Twitter during Yellow May, the international awareness month for decreasing road accidents.

By typing “hello” to Chevrolet, mobile users can access the Zap Racing game on the messaging app. Messages fill the screen with emoji depicting a car approaching obstacles such as trees, bikers, and other vehicles, while players can drive their vehicle by responding with commands in the chat. With each stage, the game becomes tougher, and all players will inevitably crash in the end. The last message informs viewers of the dangers of texting and driving.

The game builds on Chevrolet’s increased focus on social media marketing and shows that it is targeting younger consumers who are heavy app users.

Instagram’s Working on a Video Reaction Option for Reels

Instagram is presently testing a new feature that prompts users to ‘make a reaction video’ directly from the Reels share sheet. The user can film a reaction video by clicking on the settings menu found on the reel they want to react to.

Instagram has previously added a handful of TikTok-inspired features, and this is another move in TikTok’s direction, as Instagram explores ways to more closely coincide with TikTok’s core, and enormously popular product, in order to neutralise TikTok’s growth and keep users linked with its apps.


NFTs Are Coming to Instagram

Mark Zuckerberg has revealed that Meta will begin testing NFTs on Instagram very soon, most likely right now.

This experiment is intended to allow creators and collectors to display their NFTs on their accounts. This would also be available on Facebook in the future, although no timetable was provided. There are no expenses associated with showing NFTs on your profile.

Augmented reality NFTs are also being created for Instagram, and one area to use them is in IG stories, where you can project digital art into 3D and physical places utilising Spark AR (software AR platform).

This is being tested in the United States and would allow testers to share their NFTs, whether they created them or have them in their collection, on their Instagram feed, stories, or in messages.

The community has expressed concern about the massive quantity of carbon footprint this would cause as power is consumed when transactions that employ that power occur. While this may encourage more people to participate in NFT creation and purchasing, it is unclear how much carbon footprint will be freed as a result.