GramLab Creates a Chinese New Year Themed AR Filter for Prudential

Published on 01 Mar '19

Prudential has partnered with KRDS Singapore from 2018 to help bolster their social media presence. GramLab is the brainchild of KRDS started with a focus on mobile-first marketing & customized Instagram strategies.

Every year, the global insurance company hosts a grand Carnival with plenty of fun games, rides and activities. And this year, they wanted to effectively leverage the social platforms to create an interactive campaign to build buzz around the Carnival.

Keeping this brief in mind, GramLab proposed an idea of a fun AR Filter on Facebook. The filter, on load, detects the user’s face and prompts them to ‘Open their mouth’, and when they do a roller coaster rolls out of their mouth with screams in the background. The filter also features a design inspired by the popular festival, Chinese New Year.


The agency believes that this filter is an ideal way to create brand awareness, drive engagement and motivate the users to visit the PMBC Carnival.

Check out the AR Filter here.

Besides the filter, the agency also helped develop an engaging microsite where the users can learn more about the carnival, play games and even win bonus credits!

Preetham Venkky, Director at GramLab, said:

“We’re happy to be exploring new things on Digital for Prudential every day. We wanted to create an immersive Carnival like experience on Digital and Social for the users. The combined attributes of the microsite and the AR filter will help build the buzz the PMBC Carnival and encourage more visitors. We’re excited to work on more innovative campaigns and achieve success together”