Monday Morning Learning – 28 September 2020

Published on 30 Sep '20

Facebook Expands Test of New Hashtag Use Metrics Within Post Composer

Facebook appears to be expanding the test of its new listings of hashtag usage stats within the post composer when recommending relevant tags to add to your post. The recommended tag listings show not only the top tags based on predictive text but also a listing of how many posts are already on Facebook using that tag. It’s similar to Instagram’s Explore listings, which display hashtag usage within the search suggestions.

Facebook Threatens to Leave Europe Due to Proposed New Data-Sharing Regulations

Earlier this month, the European Union privacy regulator sent a preliminary order to Facebook which called for it to suspend data transfers about its EU users back to the US. According to the order, EU officials are increasingly concerned about potential surveillance practices by the US Government and are now looking to limit such by restricting the flow of user information.

Facebook has issued an official response, saying that, if such rules are implemented, it may be forced to stop operating both Facebook and Instagram in Europe.

IKEA Releases “Tomorrow Starts Today” Campaign

IKEA released their latest Sleep campaign, titled ‘Tomorrow Starts Tonight’, with an interesting execution unique for TVC and digital, and another for print.

In the print version, they toyed with the idea that sleep is a boost that every person needs, and they take it in the form of energy drinks, vitamin pills, and even beauty creams. Using these ideas, they’ve smartly incorporated their range of sleep products to the creatives. Their TVC and digital campaign use the hare and tortoise story that we are all used to, to reinforce how sleep is important to win the race.

Facebook Provides Tips on Utilizing Video Playlists and Series Collections

Aside from helping to guide viewers through your series’ and sets in sequential order, Facebook also notes that grouping your content can increase engagement by keeping people looking through more content that you’ve created. In addition to this, Facebook notes that when you organize your content into themes and topics, you increase your chances of being found in related searches.

#PRAwards highlight: How Watsons rose to top of minds with micro-influencers

Through its “Watsons Wellness Campaign”, the beauty brand tapped on micro-influencers to position itself as the go-to brand when it comes to adopting a healthier lifestyle choice.

Facebook removes the Text Overlay Tool

In line with their announcement regarding deprecating the 20% rule for boosted posts and ads, Facebook has removed the Text Overlay Tool. While the ad text rule removal is slowly being rolled out in the various markets, we still need to be mindful to ensure that content is not penalized for being heavy in text.

4 Trends Changing the Marketing Landscape in 2020 & Beyond [Infographic]

Maryville University shares the marketing technology trends they think you should look out for in this infographic (found in the link below).

Here’s what makes their list:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Executive Branding

Reddit Launches Ad Inventory Types to Give Advertisers More Control Over Their Campaigns (to not make their ad appear next to questionable content)

  • Expanded Inventory – This category enables advertisers to access Reddit’s maximum inventory pool, and appear next to the broadest range of content.
  • Standard Inventory – This option provides “balanced reach and protection” to fit the needs of most advertisers. In other words, the more controversial subreddits are not included, ensuring brand safety.
  • Limited Inventory – This option provides optimal brand safety via a partnership with Oracle Data Cloud’s contextual intelligence tool, adding an extra stage of verification to ensure your ads don’t appear alongside questionable content.

Instagram Launches New Reels Updates, Including Longer Clips and Improved Trimming

The updates include: now the videos can be up to 30 seconds and there are new editing tools (trimming, deleting)