Published on 11 Feb '20

Facebook Will Shutter Audience Network for Mobile Sites

The decision may be in response to recent changes by companies like Google and Apple to limit audience tracking with third-party cookies amid growing concerns about privacy and brand safety.


Next on Google Chrome’s Hitlist: Intrusive Ads

Google Chrome is blocking intrusive ad formats within short-form videos from 5 August 2020. More specifically, the ad formats affected will be:

  1. Long, non-skippable pre-roll ads or groups of ads longer than 31 seconds that appear before a video and that cannot be made to skip within the first five seconds
  2. Mid-roll ads of any duration that appear in the middle of a video, interrupting the user’s experience
  3. Image or text ads that appear on top of a playing video and are in the middle (⅓ of the video player window) or cover more than 20% of the video content

Instagram is Testing a New Trimming Tool for Instagram Stories Clips

Instagram is working on a new video trimming feature for Instagram Stories, which would make it easier to edit and upload your Stories clips within the app.


Instagram Rolls Out Option to Reply to Stories With GIFs

It’s a minor update, in relative terms, but now you can reply to a friend’s story with your favorite GIPHY GIFs.


IGTV to get monetized

Instagram is looking for opportunities to monetize IGTV to improve the uptake of the platform.


How Marketers Can Stay One Step Ahead of the Voice Search Trend

  1. Voice search is clearly no longer just another search option to keep in mind
  2. 30% of these searches are done without a screen
  3. Voice search queries include three to five keywords and are longer than text-based searches
  4. 20% of UK consumers use voice search devices multiple times a day


Instagram Adds New Listings of ‘Least Interacted With’ and ‘Most Shown in Feed’ in Following Tab

Instagram has rolled out two new category listings within your ‘Following’ tab which will enable you to see which accounts get the most visibility in your feed, and which ones you rarely engage with.



TikTok Provides Option to Upload Content via Desktop

This could be handy for digital marketers looking to make use of the rising video app TikTok. Users can now upload TikTok videos via the desktop version of the app.


TikTok Is Testing a New Instagram-Like Profile Format

TikTok is reportedly looking to update its profile design, switching to a more Instagram-style format.