Monday Morning Learning – 1 February 2021

Published on 03 Feb '21

TikTok Adds New Q&A Option Which Enables Fans to Post Questions for Creators

TikTok is looking to prompt more engagement between creators and their fans with the launch of a new Q and A option which enables users to pose questions to creators that can then be answered in future video clips.

6 Tips for Measuring LinkedIn Campaign Performance

LinkedIn has shared a downloadable six-step checklist to help marketers with their LinkedIn ad campaigns. Check out the infographic in the article link.

Lessons from UGC in 2020 – and How it Can Help You in 2021

As consumers battled to get used to the “new normal” in 2020, brands were also faced with finding new ways to stay connected with their audience. Not only that, but the last twelve months have completely destroyed the concept behind big advertising campaigns. Social distancing meant camera crews weren’t able to gather, while many brands faced content production limitations.

But there was one type of content that was particularly pandemic-friendly: user-generated content (UGC). Read on to find out how brands have used UGC for their brand campaigns & how to integrate it into your 2021 marketing plans.

YouTube’s new “Clips” feature lets users share 60-second clips of videos

YouTube is testing a feature popular from live stream platforms like Twitch: the ability for viewers and creators to make clips of longer videos, allowing for the sharing of short, bite-sized clips of a video. The feature is currently “in testing” with a small group of channels while YouTube gathers feedback.

Clips have a max of 60 seconds and can be created by pressing a new “Share Clip” button. From there, users will get a draggable timeline editor to make a clip, name it, and share it via a new URL. For now, the feature only works on a desktop browser, but Android and iOS support is coming “soon.”

Here’s What Happens When You Change Google Ads Attribution Models

This article shares how changing Google Ads attribution models won’t affect how many conversions are recorded in Google Ads. You’re dealing with the same amount of Google Ads conversions, and just changing how credit is assigned across dimensions like keywords or campaigns. An attribution model is not a precise measurement tool.

It’s a framework to help you better understand how multiple Google Ads clicks contribute to a conversion. Treat it as a guideline, and use the insights to optimize your account for better performance.

How will GameStop affect social media communities moving forward?

The GameStop Saga, the struggle between two drastically different groups of investors, has left a lot to unpack for social media platforms and apps.

It started on Reddit, with Redditers artificially driving up the price of GameStop stock that they perceived as being undervalued due to Wall Streeters shorting it, but finished on The RobinHood, the free trading app favored by millions of amateur investors which suspended trading of GameStop shares, dropping the price down artificially. As a result, a class action has been filed against The RobinHood, alleging deliberate manipulation of the stock price.

The outcome? Likely –

  • Updates to community guidelines
  • Increased digital regulations for certain industries (for instance BFSI)

Instagram Launches Professional Dashboard

Instagram announced the launch of Professional Dashboard, a central destination to track performance, access and discover professional tools, and explore educational information curated by Instagram.