Monday Morning Learning – 20th January 2020

Published on 20 Jan '20

Facebook Reportedly Won’t Go Through With Whatsapp Ads

With Facebook dropping its plans to put up ads on WhatsApp, the latter will be focusing on building features for its business users. A large number of people use WhatsApp for their businesses. The company has been rolling out features that can aid small to medium scale companies and they are expected to stay on this path for now.

Whatsapp Marketing: The Next Big Thing For Digital Marketers?

While the WhatsApp ads initiative is on hold for now, it could give a fantastic edge to digital marketers in tapping multiple markets in one go.

There are currently 2 products that companies use Whatsapp for:

Whatsapp for Business

Suitable for small scale enterprises, this is quite similar to the Whatsapp UI that consumers are currently using, with the addition of some business-friendly features like Auto-Response and Product Cataloging.

Whatsapp for Business API

Usually used by medium to large scale businesses, it works as a third-party platform to engage with customers at a wider scale.

Google To ‘Phase Out’ Third-party Cookies On Chrome In The Next 2 Years

Google is hoping that it can substitute a new set of technical solutions for various things that cookies are currently used for. To that end, it has proposed a bunch of new technologies (as have other browser developers) that may be less invasive and annoying than cookies.

Tiktok Yet To Figure Out Monetization In Spite Of Amazing Metrics In 2019

TikTok has reached a total of 1.65 billion downloads. The increase in TikTok downloads in 2019 is largely tied to the app’s traction in India. Though the app was briefly banned in the country earlier in the year, that market still accounted for 44% (or 323 million) of its total downloads ever.

Monetization is a challenge for TikTok because it doesn’t have as much personal information about its users as compared to other social platforms like Facebook. That means advertisers can’t target ads based on user interests and demographics in the same way.

5 Habits For Successful Social Media Managers

  1. Social Media Management is not just about interacting with the audience but also about building a community.
  2. Everything must be scheduled and timed to perfection.
  3. Take a break once in a while to cope up with the stresses of social media.
  4. Nothing is perfect, so stop being one. Do the best you can with the tools that you have.
  5. Don’t overload yourself with tasks. Take a step back and assess your workload.

Instagram Removes IGTV Button

Reportedly, people are finding IGTV content on their feed as previews, the IGTV channel in ‘Explore’ and creators’ profiles, but not from the IGTV button on the Instagram app. The decision to remove the button comes as a way of making the app simple and less cluttered.

Telegram Chats And Communities Are Now On The Rise

Telegram is one of the biggest messaging apps in the market. Fueled by WhatsApp’s lack of innovation and an increasing number of high-profile crashes, it is most likely to become the go-to messaging app for the masses in the near future.

Example of popular Telegram Chat Groups:

  1. Our Second Nature
  2. Love Bonito
  3. The Closet Lover
  4. ClassPass

The International Red Cross Brings Peace To Fortnite

Fortnite has partnered with the Red Cross for the Liferun mode, so there will likely be some sort of charity attached. Lachlan, a famous Fortnite streamer, recently completed a charity stream for the Australian wildfires and Dr. Lupo (another streamer) raised over $3.5 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in 2019.

Linkedin Adds Live-streaming For Company Pages And New ‘Invite To Follow’ Options

Almost a year after first launching its native live-streaming option to selected users, LinkedIn is now expanding LinkedIn Live to company pages. It’s also officially adding a new option to invite personal first-degree connections to follow a business page that you manage.

Qualifiers on invites usage:

  1. Only page admins with fewer than 500 connections are able to invite all their connections via a ‘Select all’ option. Admins with more than 500 connections need to manually select who they want to invite.
  2. Only company pages with fewer than 100,000 followers can invite members to follow via the option.
  3. If an admin has less than 3 connections, they won’t have the option available.
  4. Only one invite per member can be sent.
  5. Page admins can only invite 50 new people per day.

Whatsapp Business In India – Seamless, And Well-integrated

WhatsApp for Business in India has moved to a bot-based approach for giving customers information. Some of the bots are not very smart as they do not recognize keywords, but they do provide basic information and follow up updates, which helps reduce busywork.

Spotify Is Now The Single Biggest Podcasting Platform

Podcasts continue to gain popularity in the US, but not so much in Singapore. However, in the Singapore-Malay communities, podcasts have seen a greater uptick than other population segments.