Monday Morning Learning – 26 April 2021

Published on 27 Apr '21

Facebook Flags Changes to News Feed Ranking, With New Tests to Determine What Users Want to See

Facebook exploring news feed changes with new surveys rolled out, trying to understand what’s relevant and what’s inspiring.

Political content will also be reduced over time as the political alliances and ideals have seen posts with angry reactions by both friends and non-friends on pages and groups.

Facebook is also bringing the hide option of a post as a simple X button.

Facebook Tests New Video Ad Options, Including Updated Targeting Categories

Facebook has announced their new video ad targeting segmentation based on topics users are interested in, this works as a double-edged sword for advertisers. On one hand, we are able to specify the type of audience who are interested in the video ad, but we might also miss out on exposure to new audiences as they might not have any interest in the topics the video ad is categorized under.[…]2J7wIxBVWvqnjun2gxozNATr_qifyrkXzEp2HU0NDeB8LQcq0YJZ80Nw

Facebook Flags Changes to News Feed Ranking, With New Tests to Determine What Users Want to See

Facebook has long been using surveys to improve user experience in providing what they want to see on their Newsfeed. With the new survey questions, it seems like they will be focusing more on content that is valuable and inspirational, instead of simply being interesting and engaging.

Here are the new outlines on what Facebook plans to roll out in their surveys:

  • Whether people find a post inspirational
  • Gauging interest in certain topics
  • Better understanding content people want to see less of (looking at angry reactions, etc)
  • Making it easier to give feedback directly on a post (tapping X at the corner of posts to hide from News Feed)

Marketers should consider this potentially new algorithm and include inspirational/valuable content in their Facebook marketing mix instead of producing content simply for higher engagement.

Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow link posting on Stories

This new feature will enable the users to open the links as currently, the links being posted on Instagram stories are not accessible and are sometimes referred to as dead. But now it seems like Instagram has finally decided to load this platform with this new feature as well.

TikTok Outlines Ad Campaign Changes and Impacts Due to Apple’s IDFA Update

  • For Tiktok campaigns with app installs as the primary objective, the way only to target iOS 14.5 users would be through the TikTok iOS 14 Dedicated Campaigns.
  • The feature is available for all advertisers
  • Create the campaign by choosing the app install objective or catalog sales objective with app prospecting. You then select the iOS app and set the toggle to ‘Deliver to iOS14+ conversion events’ to ON at the ad group level.
  • Tiktok is becoming a more popular social media platform among advertisers for its ease to attain organic reach.

TikTok adds a “just watched” thumbnail to make finding videos easier

When users view a video on the FYP they sometimes need to scroll intensely to find part 2. Now, TikTok has added a “just watched” thumbnail which can be used in many creative ways.

TikTok Adds A “Topic” Option for Live Stream Videos

The Live option on the platform is doing very well and TikTok like other applications brings about changes in its already existing features on the application and this time a change was brought about in the Live video option. TikTok is introducing a new option in the already existing Live called “Topic.”

The topic option will give users the ability to insert a title about what the Live they are doing is related to and there are several built in options to select the topic from which range from none, music, dance, beauty and fashion, fitness, and sports, pop culture, outdoors and a few others. Among this one topic can be selected to let the followers know what the creator has set the live stream about and this will help them to decide whether the live is of their interest or not and if they do want to join what questions and queries would be answered in live.

The Rise of Social Commerce [Infographic]

In 2020, social media commerce saw a steady increase of people opting for online shopping, and that’s primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some social platforms such as Facebook and TikTok have stepped up their eCommerce integration efforts, to make online shopping much convenient. As if it’s not convenient enough already. This infographic provides insights into this growing trend and reasons for brands to get on board with in-stream shopping on social.