Monday Morning Learning – 24 May 2021

Published on 24 May '21

Facebook introduces Live Shopping Fridays

Facebook is introducing a series of live shopping events weekly this summer till 16th July.

It may not be something new, but it could bump up people’s desire to see more live events from their favorite brands.

Infographics: Simple SEO Checklist for Website Owners

Content Marketing Agency Brafton (based in Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco) have kindly shared a Local SEO Checklist.

Local SEO can be a very important connector for businesses, with people in the area looking for providers. And you want your business to show up to the people who are looking in your niche or vertical.

They have broken it into 7 separate categories: 

  1. Know Your Ranking Factors
  2. Optimise your Domain
  3. Optimise your Google my Business
  4. Get Social and Get Niche
  5. Encourage User Reviews and Ratings
  6. Generate Backlinks and Referral Traffic
  7. Ensure Mobile Usability

Pinterest Now Facilitates More Than 5 Billion Searches per Month

“There are now more than 5 billion searches on Pinterest every month. As people prepare for a post-pandemic life, searches for outfits, vacations, and home renovations are at all-time highs, and searches for weddings have presumed pre-pandemic levels.”

For context, Pinterest last officially reported its total search volume in 2016, when it was facilitating 2 billion searches every month. That means Pinterest has increased its search volume by 150% over the last five years – which, given the pandemic, and the subsequent boost for eCommerce and online product discovery, is not overly surprising

Twitter’s Close to Reopening Public Applications for Profile Verification

Back in Nov 2020, Twitter had announced they would look into reopening applications for verifications and by this week, we should be able to see this go into effect. However, the public applications for verification are only limited to:

  • Activist, Organizer or Influencer
  • Company, Brand or Organization
  • Entertainers or Entertainment Groups
  • Government Official or Affiliate
  • Journalist or News Organization
  • Professional Sports of e-Sports Entity

This would be helpful for companies or institutes that have yet to be verified and would prefer the added credibility to their tweets. Plus, with tweets showing up on Google search results, it would look better to have an official profile and adds significant value to the information shared on the tweets.

Twitter Adds Scheduling for Spaces, Reminders to Attendees

The addition of Space scheduling enables broadcasters to plan out, and build hype around their upcoming events.

  • When you go to set up Space, you’ll see a new option to ‘Schedule for later’ beneath ‘Start your Space’. You can then share the details of your upcoming session via Tweet, or via DM, or really, by any other means, as you’ll be given a unique URL for your scheduled Space.
  • Users will also be able to sign up for reminders of upcoming scheduled Spaces by tapping on the ‘Set Reminder’ prompt on the Space holding card.

Together with the new addition of purple rings around user profile bubbles in-feed, signifying when that person is in a Space, these tools help to boost the discoverability of Spaces, which is a huge issue for both Spaces and Clubhouse. Facebook’s approach of adding audio rooms within groups, and recommending them to members, could be a more effective, and engaging, way to go for audio rooms/Spaces in the long run.[…]tter%20%5Bissue:34405%5D&utm_term=Social%20Media%20Today