Monday Morning Learning – 31 May 2021

Published on 03 Jun '21

Instagram Adds New Engagement Insights for Reels and Instagram Live Broadcasts

Instagram has launched insights for Reels and Live; providing new metrics for creators and business accounts when they post any content on these two formats. As these data are already available for feed posts and IGTV, extending these metrics to Reel and Live could help give creators and business accounts a broader overview of their account’s performance over time.

  • For Reels, Instagram will now provide data on Total Plays, Accounts Reached, Likes, Comments, Saves, and Shares.
  • For Instagram Live broadcasts, users will be able to access data on Accounts Reached, Peak Concurrent Viewers, Comments, and Shares.

This can help creators better understand what type of content resonates with their audience, and see areas of improvement with more detailed information in Reach. Reach in Account Insights provides new breakdowns with more transparency into the type of accounts the content reaches to and what formats are the most effective. Plus, you can view insights beyond the 7 days and 30 days limit.

TikTok’s New Marketing Guide for SMBs

The guide provides information on how SMBs can make the best use of TikTok tools, including a range of explainers, tips, overviews, and case studies to provide perspective and guidance for those looking to map out a more effective TikTok strategy.

  • Outline the benefits of TikTok for small business promotion, and includes a range of engagement stats and pointers aligned with this approach
  • Includes a range of TikTok-specific tips, designed to help brands implement a more effective approach to their TikTok marketing efforts
  • Providing clear, actionable advice on exactly what brands should do to maximize their on-platform performance, and what they’ve found works best in terms of branded content and posts
  • A range of case studies and examples to illustrate the key points

Instagram Expands its Test of Reels Ads to More Regions

Much like TikTok ads, Reels ads appear between other Reels clips within your feed and include a ‘Sponsored’ tag below the profile icon to denote that they’re part of a paid promotion. 

Instagram first launched Reels ads in India, Brazil, Germany, and Australia late last month, and as reported by AdWeek, it’s now expanding them to brands in Canada, France, the UK, and the US.

LinkedIn Introduces a Boost feature

LinkedIn adds a new Boost feature, similar to what Facebook and Instagram already have.

It works similarly – you post an organic update to your company’s page, you notice it getting some early traction and you may want to seize that opportunity to enhance the reach without having to create a dark ad.

We will be able to pick from 4 different objectives – Brand Awareness, Video Views, Engagement, and Website Visits. And subsequently, we will also be able to select our target audience based on their Profiles (job senioritis, industry), Interests (member groups on LinkedIn), or an Audience Template that has pre-set targeting options.

Other things you can choose are location, exclusions, and desired budget. As this is a new feature, LinkedIn has also prepared a PDF guide on the best practices to boosting on their platform.

And of course, with the increasing demand for virtual workshops in the thick of the pandemic, the platform has also introduced Event Ads to help marketers boost awareness of their virtual events. Virtual events seem to be a vertical LinkedIn is expanding on because they started out making Events options available for all company pages in Apr 2020. Then they went on to add live-streaming for events.

Foodpanda CS team not updated on local events


An order came in from an outlet in Westgate (shopping mall) that was recently closed due to Covid cases. 

The delivery rider notified the CS team of the closure, however they did not cancel the order as requested by the rider until he posted it on social media. The rider’s post went viral and the public’s confidence in Foodpanda was once again lowered.

Key takeaway:

It is important to inform offshore teams on local events that are ongoing at the moment this way they can be better informed.

  • Covid restrictions
    • Singapore – we can only go out in pairs till 13th June
    • India – certain states continue their curfew lockdown beyond 1 June

Royalty Free vs Rights Managed with stock images.

Royalty-Free license grants non-exclusive, unlimited and multiple uses of an image, with few restrictions. It’s a one-time fee that allows perpetual use of the image in all the permitted ways. You can then use the licensed material for your own company, website, or for advertisement. These licensed images are usually called royalty-free images and are different from rights-managed images (below you find more info about it). Cheaper to attain.

Rights Managed license provides time and geographically limited, specific, and per-use rights to use an image, and oftentimes also grants exclusive usage during the licensed period. The license only covers the consigned use. So to use the image in any different way, a new license is needed. This license includes digital rights management and basic rights management. This is more expensive.