Monday Morning Learning – 7 June 2021

Published on 08 Jun '21

Instagram Adds New Elements to Its Branded Content Tools, Including Multi-Brand Listings in Posts

Instagram has announced some new updates to its Branded Content tools to further increase transparency while making it easier for brands and creators to manage Branded Content requests and approvals.

New tools and benefits:

  • Creators can tag up to 2 brands in a single Branded Content (each brand can see the other before approval)
    • expands capacity for tie-in promotions
    • provide cross-promotion potential
  • Creators can post content before brand approval (albeit without a brand name)
    • increased freedom for creators to post without long turnaround times, which is critical for engagement and trends
  • Request for approval available through settings. Brands have more access to Content Insights in Branded Content partnerships (reels & IG live response data set)
    • a more collaborative process with increased transparency

These new tools could possibly increase brand partnerships with creators, influencers, and industry experts across IG.


LinkedIn Tests New ‘Dark Mode’ in its Desktop App

LinkedIn is currently testing a new ‘Dark Mode‘ display option for its desktop app, which, as it sounds, would make the app much darker, and predominantly black. 

LinkedIn has confirmed that dark mode will be available ‘in the coming months’ with all members globally able to access dark mode by Fall.


Messenger API made available for Instagram

KRDS had released a couple of AI-enabled chariots on Messenger. Last week, during the F8 Developer conference, it was announced that the Messenger API will be available for Instagram.

For me, the difference in Instagram’s use of a Chatbot is more towards shopping, in line with what Instagram is focusing on.

Opportunities like this we need to move fast and propose to brands that we work with.


Facebook Adds New Messaging Element into its Login with Facebook Process, Enhancing Audience Connection

Currently in beta testing, where the users have an option to allow a business to get in touch with them directly via Facebook messenger. This is an add-on the function where previously we were able to log in on 3rd-party websites using our Facebook credentials similar to google login.


  • Businesses can connect directly with its users
  • Eliminates middleman (email) when reaching out to users
  • Provide ads on messenger based on user interests


  • Users may view brand messages as spam if brands do not segment the users accordingly
  • Users may not be keen on being fed ads on messenger


Instagram Reverses Reach Penalty for Feed Posts Re-Shared to Stories Amid Accusations of Censorship

So a few months ago, Instagram had plans to stop the feature for users to add posts to Stories. And they rolled it out to a select few people.

Back then, it was met with a lot of flak – as it was one of the features that had become a staple for many users.

Instagram’s intention has been to improve the Stories experience and stop users from simply seeing a duplication of their main feed within Stories, it’s also, unwittingly, ended up reducing the reach of posts around important events and issues.

So now, Instagram is rolling back that change, which will ensure that re-shared feed posts continue to get the same amount of reach as any other Stories content.

Over the last few weeks, amid escalating tensions in Palestine, various Instagram users have noted that their posts are not being seen in the app. 

Some people like Mia Khalifa and Bella Hadid have called this as a form of censorship, implying that Instagram has been deliberately seeking to limit pro-Palestinian voices in the app.

Good for content creators who would like to update


Twitter Pauses Public Requests for Profile Verification, Just a Week After Relaunch

This is an update from my sharing 2 weeks ago when Twitter announced they would re-open public requests for profile verification. Due to an influx of requests, Twitter had announced on 28 May that it needs to put this process on hold again to clear the backlog. After opening its public application process for 8 days, Twitter has clearly not found a way to tackle high volumes of profile verification process but, I do think that we should still continue submitting applications when they are able to clear the backlog within the next few months and the hype has died down.


Facebook F8 Conference Goes Back to Roots With a Focus on Developers

Facebook said it wants to make it easier for developers to build augmented reality effects for group calls via its new Multipeer API. The API lets developers build AR effects that “deliver a coordinated experience across multiple call participants.”