Monday Morning Learning – 30 August 2021

Published on 02 Sep '21

Twitter’s Testing a New Option That Will Show You the Spaces That People You Follow are Tuning In To

Twitter is launching a new test that will show you when someone that you follow on Twitter is listening in to a Space, by highlighting that broadcast at the top of your timeline.

  • Alerting users to in-progress Spaces of interest had significant engagement potential
  • However, if you came across a Space on a niche interest, or a questionable topic, you might not want people to know that you’re tuning in

Instagram is Removing Swipe-Up Links for Stories, Replacing the Function with Link Stickers

Starting from Aug 30, swipe links will be replaced by link stickers to improve Stories interaction on the app. Users who have the swipe link function will be notified of the update with a prompt and revert to the link sticker instead. These are the benefits Instagram shared:

  • A streamlined stories creation experience – Stories stickers, like Donation, Music, Poll, and now Link, help you further express yourself and share what matters to you on Instagram – in this case links.
  • Added creative control – The sticker looks and functions the same way as others (i.e. question, poll, and location) – providing increased creator control. It can toggle to different styles, be resized, and be placed anywhere on your story for maximum impact.
  • Further engagement – We also know that engagement and closeness are important to people. Users can receive quick reactions and replies on posts that have the link sticker, like any other story that is shared (e.g. the tray of emojis), whereas you couldn’t receive feedback with the “swipe-up” link.

TikTok is Developing its Own AR Effects Creation Platform to Expand its Visual Tools

The AR Effects Studio would enable creators to build their own effects for the platform.

This platform launched early in Aug 2021, but is still in its early, beta stages. This can help to create a whole new user experience, and works similar to the Facebook’s Spark AR platform and Snapchat’s Lens Studio

Leveraging Tiktok Trends to Run Media Buy Ads on Facebook

NYC wanted to increase awareness and push downloads for their new Telegram stickers. They tapped on a Tiktok trend which is, Tell me you’re Singaporean without telling me you’re Singaporean.

They showcased the unique habits of the locals in a carousel style which is light hearted in nature.

However, the CTA is not strong and there is a lack of messaging in each frame.